A News Story From EU Sector 8 Regarding Refugees

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      Muja Mi Rona

      The famous town of Lisdoonvarna, with a population of 300+(not too much more allegedly), is being landed with 115ish refugees in 12 months much to the dismay of the townsfolk. These people will be living in a hotel, basically a refugee camp like all the direct provision centers. I wonder whats will happen?

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      Get rid of them! I am a nice guy but i am not a fool!

      It took centuries of blood to rid Europe of these Mohammedans and ZioNato )Uncle Sam brought them back!

      Take them to Saudi Arabia and Turkey, i am sure their co-religionists will be waiting for them with open arms!!… Not!! Or better still resettle them in uISISa,their benefactor.


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        Muja Mi Rona

        New World Order? I say Turd World Order.

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      Empty soul

      If Lisdoonvarna and Ireland as a whole don’t want worthless fucking shit hole dwelling raping murderous “refugees” in their land they should join Britain in Brexit and escape it.

      So long as Ireland is a member of the EU Ireland will be forced to take in such filth, it is that simple. EU is pro-invasion after all and all EU countries must spread their assholes and take it as per the laws they sign up to.

      Personally, I remember the IRA years like they were yesterday. To think the fighters of Ireland have become so fucking dickless as to accept conquest so easily. Fucking pathetic.

      Fuck off mouse-balls Irish I say, take your own land back as you always have done or bend over and take it like a cum sucking whore. Your choice.

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      If these rapefugees do arrive at Lisdoonvarna then I hope the locals take action, and quick! Do something like protests and strikes everyday and if nothing changes then they burn the hotel down. They must say no against their own replacement, that is also being paid for by no one else but themselves.

      Fuck the EU!

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