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      Road Pavement

      This picture of a woman that unbirthed her child that wanted to be a fetus again, And now she is going to completely unmake the child to reclaim Virginity like the child was never concived.

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      Road. You really have a thing for pregnant women dont you!

      True story. With the fall of the Iron Curtain ,Communist Europe imploded. The first buggers to reave Europe were those age -old turncoats and spoilers ,the Albanians ; moslem -convert fucks!

      They first went to Greece and Italy of course because they are closest. Well when they went there they were shocked and despondent! They had heard such good things about Europe!

      Why were the women starving and sick!!

      In their country every childbearing woman ,especially the desirable ones, were barefoot,pregnant and in the kitchen!!

      So there you are! History in the making! Beware women of Europe ,this is what awaits you with all these fucking “migrants” coming in who all need your help and sympathy!

      Boo hoo Moslem invaders !!! 😖


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