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      Kitty Kat

      What’s the most effective way to seduce a man? I’m not ugly or anything. Just sort of.. Lost my game. Do I use drugs? Trashy lingerie? No lingerie at all? Ugh. I’m in need of some serious help

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      GDPR Harvester

      Seduce him for sex or a serious relationship? To begin with he has to have some level of attraction to you (think about it if he’s gay in the worst case scenario you’re into a loser). Other than that you need to give him the come on, make long eye contact, smile, flirt. Of course dressing up and making yourself more attractive will help. If its just sex a few drinks as go in for a kiss lol. Serious relationship will take time and will be based on a mutual liking

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      Kitty Kat

      @Dark_Desires_UK it’s only for sex. I could never be in a relationship with someone that isn’t into gore. How boring would that be?

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      for sex alone, use tinder, ha ha ha.
      what the hell, just bloody dress like a hoe and go to a downtown pub, or go to a refugge shelter youll get lots of allahu dickbars there, just saying.

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      Wikihow that shit hahah. :p

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      Kitty Kat

      The thing is.. I tend to come off as quite aggressive.. I’m not sure if that’s good or not haha

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      Kitty Kat

      @bellazombe lol I’m not ugly if that’s what you’re implying. It’s just been a while. I lost my touch haha. Guess I just gotta use the boobs. Seems like a good enough plan

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      Just tell him you want to fuck. Jesus, it’s not hard for women to get sex if they want, unless they are hideously deformed.

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      Long eye contact, long eye contact and a little smile. All it takes.

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      Kitty Kat

      @luke interesting. I think I need a practice dummy.

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      Gosh, this is new. But I’d say lingerie, thigh high socks… get them. That’s what does it for me and for most men I know at least. and what @bellazombe said

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      yea long eye contact include touching your lips will deliver the massage like a cargo train if that do not do.
      then he is just not interested or gay or whatever.

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      Girls making the first
      Move always ends in relations, unless the man is a vagina, everytime a girl came onto me it does seem aggressive but I think it’s just because guys usually take such a pussy foot action to try n pick
      Up girls

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      Obsidians Fire

      Personally I prefer the chase, if I think a girls attractive and she feels the same back, don’t just give it up, make me work for your attention, however it’s a 180 once the fun begins, passive in pickup, dominant in bedroom.

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      Be submissive and eager to do what a dude wants. I remember I was hooking up with two girls. I was a lot more physically attracted to one of them but the other one’s demeanor when with me just made me feel so much like a man. She was so submissive and eager to see/hear from me. I loved it.

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