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      These vacant blue eyes.
      No Feeling left to show.
      A total lack of emotion.
      Slowly walks over my face.

      Everything that is/was me.
      It is all so lost.
      I will never let you see.
      The pain pumping in this heart.

      So I take it,crushing it to dust.
      The ashes fall from between my fingers.
      My Essence disappears.
      Always trying to make the hurting stop.

      The hollow void.
      My mind becomes unhinged.
      A once shining light of pure love.
      Now a demented soul waiting for rapture.

      My dreams of you still haunt me so.
      Forever falling in on themselves.
      My consciousness fails to understand.
      The devastating story of my life.

      The excruciating lies of nothingness.
      Never to be remembered.
      A sad hopeless vision of a bleak purpose.
      The finality of this vain existence.

      There is nothing left.
      Within this broken heart.
      Standing on the edge of the world.
      This is where I must go.

      This is how I must leave.
      This is where I vanish.
      I shall be but a faded memory.
      My path lies beneath the cold earth.

      I’m ready to go.
      I will not be alone again.
      I will finally be healed.
      I shall be whole again.

      A Somber Farewell. 

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      ‘I’m ready to go.
      I will not be alone again.
      I shall be whole again.
      A somber farewell.
      On this curse’id trail’.”

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      Your to kind.

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      its quiet touching, i can relate to a broken soul
      its gentler and wicked at the same time, good work…

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      Thank You…sry for the late reply.
      You to kind😄

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