A story about 3 little black kids, That where caught in the act

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      Road Pavement

      One day I came home with my cart and with food from the food bank, And had to check my laundry until I noticed 3 little black kids range of 5 to 3 going through my stuff so I snunck on to them and no parents to be around. The littlest one farted when he saw me. The one in the middle jumped on the cilinge and the oldest ran into the the wall and knocked himself out.

      So I kinda felt like the bully here so I decided to let them stay while I grabbed my beatting stick and beat the shit out of a local drug dealer that was sold out. I came home with near a million dollars after beating the local drug dealer out cold.

      So me a 3 little black kids whent shopping, I got then new clothes and other shit they needed and I returned home, There mom busted out of a trailer like a cartoon that she said I knocked out her pimp-daddy and her husband stuffed a bomb up his anus leaving a butt explosion with in the prison,

      Their mom was thankful that nothing happened to them and I went back home until their daddy grabbed my beating stick and wacked me out cold and start beating up the local drug dealers and stole all their money. Later we had a LAN party with his friends beating the shit out of my character.

      We have gotten along ever sense after that.

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      Hamburger Bob

      That is by far the most interesting story I’ve ever heard.
      It’d make one heck of a cartoon. 👍

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