A stroll through the local Walmart reveals the reality of a small, modern commun

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      Its been about 1 year since I dropped all Facebook and Instagram ties and reduced my overall anxiety in doing so. Now I do occasionally get on Instagram to pass the time and look at beautiful scenery ect. I’m no stranger to how these networks are used in a small community; Facebook was designed to portray one life with total control and to project certain opinions and beliefs. But this can all be done rather quickly, you can say hello world this is who I am and what I believe in and be done with it. Or you can obsessively think of Facebook as this tight knit community of people liking each others stuff, envying their lifes/ looks/ wealth/ ect. Constantly checking there news feeds, anxious about missing out on something, they have to maintain the status quo so if jimmy john post a photo of him on steroids at the gym ripped with veins coming out of his arms then someone sees and feels jealous of his attention or someone gets a new car or new house or boyfriend or girlfriend or what the fuck ever someone gets all excited about it when in real life they wouldn’t speak to each other if they seen each other in public. These people have no real life social skills, they are just narciscist that use Facebook for a sense of relevancy. This fucking disgust me. This world is so big and so full of people but they literally begin to think they are much bigger than they really are, because in a small town, its hard to go somewhere without seeing someone you know. So to the topic of the title: I hate the local Walmart because people go there knowing damn well they see people they know. But its so uncomfortable seeing these people in Walmart, all dressed up, constantly looking around to see if anyone’s looking at them, closely planning every move or emotion displayed. Everyone here is so damn concerned about what everyone else in this small ass area thinks about them, they never even consider leaving. Never even consider the fact that one city over, no one has a fucking clue who they are. That their ego doesn’t matter, status quo is irrelevant. Anyways I find everyone guilty of this men and women. I will say the women are worse but when I see a guy in Walmart stare at me like I should know who he is and If i dont kneel and admit my inferiority so help him to god he will pull his glock 40 out that his hand is lightly caressing through his coat pocket, and show me in front of everyone that he is the man that he appears to be but he’ll just grit his teeth and hope jimbob in the next isle over didn’t see me return his stare and smile. I have very few friends and don’t talk to many here, because I know most people around here and they know me I know this is the way it should be. They are in fact completely irrelevant in every aspect of my life as some random fuck walking down an isle in a Walmart across the country – but even more so In the sense that they are connected with everyone else here in this ego-fantacy social network community. I dont mean to sound like a hateful person because I’m certainly not but you would find that these social circles are hateful and have a pack mentality and xenophobia. I wanna go somewhere were I don’t know anyone save for a couple friends. Fuck this place it never stops feeling like high school I can’t even get grocery’s lol.

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      I always say……out of all the billions of people, many really think they matter. LOL Good for you on your keen sense.

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