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      monster eye

      Ok I’m addicted to gore. I was told about beheadings on line and came across Best Gore. The first beheading I watched made me sick. Something made me want to watch more. Now I check in once a day at the least. I get a whole new perspective on the rest of the world and death itself. As for other members on this site, we share something in common that I don’t have in common with friends and family.

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      “All of that I agree with.
      I think this is just a phase.
      But I’m addicted too.”

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      monster eye

      A phase? Perhaps. Let’s see where we’re at 10 years from now.

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      monster eye

      This site is very educational. I have been looking at vintage gore. It is a great opportunity to learn about history. The past has hosted some really brutal gore. Many of the past atrocities harbor more evil than modern day terrorist. isis and all other terrorist organization is a pussy compared to these guys from the past.

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      Hangings interest me more than beheadings.i just don’t feel anything when I see those videos.

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        monster eye

        I have to say my favorite is work and road accidents.

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          When they hit those electrical posts. It’s like you can hear them cook you know. I also like the road accidents and I must admit that I always wait patiently when I hear about a beheading videa. I know it’ll be online here. We do share some of the same interests. “Monster Eye” more like a werewolf eye 😉

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      GDPR Harvester

      I first came here a long time ago and there was a lot of African witchcraft lynchings and Mexicans killings and mutilations and cops. I don’t remember what brought me here, I don’t really like the pain, and I specially have trouble with the innocent/not innocent dilemma, but I find very educational on behavior aspects, so I kept coming back. I like the guys who are trying to archive the unlikely and fail in the attempt. And ye! It actually annoys me that there is no one I know who can digest this shit. I have been here for so many years I guess I have to admit. I’m addicted to the chaos!
      I specially dislike beheadings.

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      Cock Carousel

      Well I’ve been visiting for maybe 7 years this site specifically, and maybe 15 years this type of thing in general. Helps to keep me from driving like a fool on the motorcycle. Other than that I enjoy the content. I dont feel there is anything wrong with seeing it. This is reality being documented here. Why bury your head in the sand?

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