Alex Jones has stormed Joe Rogan's Studio!!! Happening now 27-Feb-2019

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      Haaha who would have thought they would be sitting down for a podcast πŸ˜€
      *getting some popcorn*

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      So far he hasnt killed Joe… Yet.

      And he did a loooong apology tirade that he was misrepresented in saying the school shootings were fake.
      And he is sorry for what he said, at certain points of time….. What a shilllll.

      Now onto the human animal hybrids πŸ˜€

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      Wowoooo, they are still at it πŸ˜€ And I must say, he is finally making some sense during this podcast.

      It seems like Alex Jones has turned a new leaf in his great book of life πŸ™‚
      Eddie Bravo just dropped in & got Alex to meltdown…. just for shitz and giggles!

      It’s an awesome podcast so far! Alex & Joe talking on Aliens, and debunking flat earth πŸ˜€

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      Muja Mi Rona

      Dang, I ain’t got enough internat power to watch vidjas. I’m missing out on the most epic tv soap op-era by the sounds of things.

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      Hell yeah you are missing out!

      They discussed:
      the moon landings
      NASA Vril/Nazi connection
      Baby stealing abortion doctors

      And they are still going folks! Over 4 Hours and counting now.
      Vodka/Cigars and Whiskey added in the mix.

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      two of the biggest shills around. who gives a fuck what they say.

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        Well combined i’d say they have more influence on the world then most media companies will ever have.

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          influencing dumb cunts to believe in shit. combine that with the media and you have the perfect nasa, aliens, moon landing and drugs shit storm.

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      Did they just hard deflect the Zionist shill question? Yes they did.

      Now screening: “Controlled Battle of the Controlled Opposition Agents, Part II

      The script: Rogan will shame Jones for his “conspiracy theories” and coerce his audience into accepting Zionist talking points. Jones will act abrasive and outlandish and loud and over the top to make conspiracy folk look ridiculous and Rogan more level headed and mature.

      When Israel comes up, Alex Jones immediately comes to its defense about Palestinians committing terrorist attacks against them, and using the “good Jews, bad Jews” narrative. If you want to see two Mossad shills talking, here’s your chance.

      My favorite was when Rogan went on to defend the Zionist narrative when talking about Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher: “They are just trying to crack jokes, not inform people.” Sure thing, Joe. While mainstream talking heads hard-core brainwash the public, your job as a gatekeeper is to put people to sleep so they don’t question the mainstream narrative.

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