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      My issue! Idiots on this site who can watch murder but get all bitchy about comments!

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      Team Dilf

      Yes. Show a nasty death and everybody cheers. Say something about women, gender roles and monkey branching people cry. The sensitive snowflakes need to stay in their safe spaces like fakebook. The feminazi can dish it out but can’t take it without crying. Looking at you itsplasterMyFace, uglysmile55, derpy and our princess Lucy. White knights Svensk and Argentinas can join to find their own controlling feminazi.

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      Matt Black

      Fellow Alphas, we have to understand that it is because these people are fake. someone gets beheaded, they make fun of it. act tough. suggest that how it could have been dun better. how it could have been made more painful. someone jumps off a building. they say how they could have dove head first. when someone else gets shot they say how it was a waste of bullets like they could have done it better. then when someone gets dismembered they say how they could have dismembered him while he was alive and etc. they are so tough. they can stomach anything. but then when someone tells them in their face who they are, they get all irritated and starts bitching. little BITCHES are what they are. Fake bitches. gets their feelings hurt and then go cry to admins and moderators playing the victim card and tries to get people kicked. and then there are manginas like the ones you mentioned. and then big cucks like ihopeso37 . do not fake it. be real or just fuck off. acting all tough and shit. fake little bitches. you know who you are.

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      The fake bitches are the ones making racist comments on here the main ones who feel tough behind their computers and shit…they don’t have the balls to tell a man in his face

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      GDPR Harvester

      Small-minded bitches who think their commentary are funny and think they are pure. There is always only one bitch per season around in BG, it seems that all they do is replace a bitch with another bitch. And no race is 100% pure, since the first humans were born in Africa and spread around the whole world, no one will ever be a “pure race”, you can be 99.999% “pure” but never 100%.

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      @trey99, @pearlman, @matteblack, Let me talk seriously and truthfully about your complaints. I know you guys enjoy ripping on everyone else, that is your type of fun. Just because we come here to see gore unfiltered and as it happens, why should that mean that others here should enjoy your degrading remarks? We make comments about the gore we see, so therefore we should also enjoy your shitty remarks about us personally? The two concepts are not related. I have had a ton of disparaging remarks made about me, including the time Black Disciple talked about pulling out my intestines thru my pussy and feeding them back to me, then quartering me. Did I run to the moderators and complain? No. I never have complained about what you or anyone else has said about me or said about anyone else. Matter of fact, when a complaint about Black Disciple was made by someone else, I asked Mark to err on the side of free speech. The dialog is still there in my personal comments if you want to look it up.
      Matt Black, you say “..when someone tells them in their face who they are, they get all irritated and starts bitching.” (sic). “little BITCHES are what they are.” So I ask, how you know who or what people are? Do you research them? Have any facts? No, it is all imaginary shit that you guys made up. I don’t know, or care if your minds are so small that you can’t conceive that perhaps people don’t fit the stereotypes you thrust upon them. You actually have no way of knowing much of anything about me or anyone else. Do you understand that people may not think it is funny when you make certain remarks about them? It really has nothing to do with the fact that we are here to see GORE. It is a matter of courtesy and giving someone the benefit of the doubt. I know, I know, it is all fun to you guys and you think this is somehow “fresh” and wonderful for this website. The reality is that mrfilthy has been doing this for years on other sites, damaged those sites to some degree and repeatedly been banned. Was that fair to those websites and yet unfair to him? I don’t think so.
      I will from this point on tolerate and ignore the comments you all will make about me. You have made one strong point here, that it really doesn’t hurt the person you make remarks about. True, it isn’t as bad as having your eyes gouged out or brains splattered. But people still may not like it and complain to you or moderation because it is not true. Truth is the matter here. As I said, I will tolerate your remarks, not because they are CORRECT but because it does me no good to respond.
      I am a totally different person that what you all suppose. I have had some success in life, got a little money to spare, have a business to attend to. While you all will assume I will spend the night pounding some cuck’s cock and shooting heroin, I really must get some sleep for a few important business meetings in the morning. Hard for you to imagine, I know. If I am gone from this site for a while, it is not because I am scared of you all. I am just very busy.
      Your princess Lucy

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        Well said Lucy i agree just because we come on here to see real life gore don’t mean we like to listen to disgusting degrading comments from males bout women on here

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        @loosythepoosy I read your comment Lucy. I made this thread for one reason, for people to say what their issue is.. If they don’t like the comments then fine, but just don’t reply to them if they are not directed at them.. Whatever issue people have let it out here. The reason i rip on you is cause you have the ability to rip back.. You know who you are and that’s all you need to know.. I don’t rip on anybody who doesn’t rip back to some degree.. I enjoy doing it, I find it’s a good laugh, some people can’t take jokes and that’s fine, I wouldn’t rip on them because they would go to moderators all serious about it cause they don’t have a sense of humour. I figure if people can come to a gore site and watch people die then I figure they are not pussies and can take a joke. All that aside, there is in fact people here like itsplaster who is constantly argumentative and her comments are not jokes but genuine, take her up on it an she doesn’t care.. Won’t admit to her fault. Now that is different compared to what we do. Do you not think this site could use some humour because of the death and gore? And I mean there is threads here about people saying who they would rape! Come on! That’s allowed? Mods have Nothing to say about that? I have my limits but I would never say I would rape somebody and neither would any of the ‘alphas’ here. You might think we are cunts but we are not.. In fact one member has even contacted me outside this site asking about where I was etc cause I wasn’t on in a while.. We all enjoy each other’s jokes etc.. Have you seen me rip on anybody who didn’t rip back? And another thing I don’t like is threats! Thedre made his little threat against uncledilf.. And the mod warned uncledilf, very bias don’t you think? You have your business and I can respect that, but our comments are not going to take that away and you know it so you rip back. I myself run my own business, I own 2 apartment blocks, 9 houses, 2 leisure centres and 4 recording studios. Music is my passion. My net worth this year is 26.2 million minus debt. I don’t live a life like that though, I’m simple in that way.. Average house, good car, bike, don’t spoil my family or spend wildly, I would be bored in a year or so and would have done almost everything. That’s when drugs come into play cause there’s nothing else to do with your money and your bored. Not me. I prefer to have a laugh and enjoy what I can normally.

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      do humans still think they are impressing other humans when they speak about ‘business’ meetings and slogging away for the illusion that is money? those are the dieing embers of a completely fake civilization im afraid.

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