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      Road Pavement

      They may have to milk those tits soon

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      Well if she’s looking for volunteers.

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      Let me get my razor.

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      Damn. It’s not just OP…. Some of you guys like breast the size of pumpkins. I like natural perky tits. Doesn’t have to be big at all but I think in the C range is perfect

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        I’m really not a tit man at all, I’m an ass man. But I still appreciate a good pair.

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        @heriitic ,you made me laugh. I am a tits and arse guy.dont have to be big, just the overall look has to be pleasing.
        @psychotherapist, i am a bit thick, what do you mean by aces in this instance; do you mean A cups?

        And what is with these tits? Real? Must be rarest asian chick in the world! Fake, then where are stretch marks? I reckon whole image is fake.

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      GDPR Harvester


      I’m referring to poker, Texas Holdem, where you only get two cards dealt to you. A big pair is a strong hand, with Aces obviously being the best hand you can start with.

      As for the pic, maybe they’ve been well supported….or photoshopped?

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      Fuck Man,,, me hates the silicone Fake As Fuck Tits. Many of these Girls with Massive Rubber Boobies, get tiny, but periodic leaks in them that gives them Infections of Da-Cunt, that ends-up having their Fuck-Holes smell worse that a Rotting King-Fish. Actually,, that yellowish discharging shit could end-up smelling worse than A cunt that has not bathed for a week, that has an Extended Yeast Infection. Gross eh??? it is just like that Girl to fucked, fingered, and ate out, when you were a young and drunk man. And no matter how many times you wash, you could just not get that stink off of yourself.

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