Anti-Lockdown Protest in Dublin, Ireland

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      Muja Mi Rona

      Was good to see a decent turn out for it seeing as there was little promotion and it wasn’t really pol-party sponsored . Gov owned broadcaster reported hundreds in attendance.😂 I’ve heard there was between 3 to 7 thousand(?) Me Ma went up to it, Saturdays I’m usually still wired from the night before. 😜

      The day before the protest news broke here of shindig involving top politicians, judges and MEPs, (golfgate) in which they totally flouted the regulations which they are trying to impose on us. Minister for agriculture resigned and people are calling for more heads to roll.

      I love this land but nearly everything here is fucking rotten, the new buildings (i.e. McDonald’s, Starbucks, generic retail parks), the politics, the pigs, the npcs, the religious orders, the pussy business owners who do everything the government tells them to…Ireland is fuckin tiny so one can’t get away from this shit! Damn, bit of a rant! 😜

      Good news is I haven’t washed my hands since March nor not once worn a mask. Work Boss is off tomorrow so I think I’ll try to start another revolt, we in week 2 of mandatory mask wearing here. ✌️😎

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        Muja Mi Rona

        And where is all our “new Irish” in the crowd?

        And oh yeah Marko, look into who is the founder of antifa Ireland, state protected p e d o! Also the newly appointed minister for children here is a handbag with ties to prominent p e d OS! ✌️

        Hope d’pigs don’t bust in my house with guns again. 🤞 Last few months I’ve gotten some POZ treatment, if you understand my meaning!

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