Anti-White Racist Sarah Jeong Hired by NYT to Editorial Board

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      Anti-White Racist Sarah Jeong Hires by NYT to Editorial Board

      Sarah Jeong has openly advocated white genocide on her Twitter account. She became a US citizen last year. Now she was hired by the New York Times to their editorial board.

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      Jews come out in droves to support exposed anti-white racist Sarah Jeong:

      Jewish Twitterers Are Coming Out as Pro Sarah Jeong and her Anti-White Tweets

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      NYT issued a statement that they are keeping the racist and are making her a victim:

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      Empty soul

      When it comes to mental gymnastics first world liberals are the reigning champions and the Jews are on the Olympic committee, handing out the medals.

      Sarah Jeong is Korean and a libtard so I expect that her reasoning went something like this,

      “Racism is wrong but racism against white people is OK because white people have white privilege. What is white privilege you say?………well………it means that white people are the majority population in white countries and therefore control the system in those countries.

      What do you mean by asking whether or not you can accuse a Korean person living in Korea of having yellow privilege and be racist towards them?. Of course not you fucking racist white piece of shit!”.

      All the while the Jew is stood behind her like Emperor fucking Palpatine whilst saying “Good. Good. Let your hatred flow through you”.

      The Korean libtard then gets a gold medal for her highly praised mental gymnastics routine whilst the owners of the New York Times exercise their own privilege by voting alongside their fellow Jews to continue the Jewish expansion into Palestinian territory, systematically slaughtering them as they go.

      It is also good to know that the New York Times agrees with the idea that you can be racist towards any group of people that you have personally taken a disliking to. Nice to know they will be accepting an hatred of Jews from now on without screaming anti-Semite anymore.

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      GDPR Harvester

      Is there some visual evidence anywhere proving her claim that she was bullied?

      Also, what would happen if a white person criticized a non-white person?

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        Empty soul


        “Is there some visual evidence anywhere proving her claim that she was bullied?”.

        No. She says that once upon a time a white person was mean to her hence her “emotional” but purely in jest tweets.

        The problem is though that she has at least 6 years worth of anti-white racist tweets that were posted on a daily basis so she can’t blame the odd white man’s behaviour many moons ago for that level of racist activity.

        Also, even if she had been bullied it would still not have been excusable by the standards of any public facing employer.

        Do you think the New York Times would have accepted 6 years worth of nigger rants from a white man?. Or 6 years worth of anti-Jew rants?.

        Not a chance.

        It is anti-white and pure hypocrisy and the very definition of a double standard.

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      Look at Jews at BBC editing their article to go with the propaganda objectives:

      BBC Jews

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        Empty soul


        That’s nothing new for the BBC. It’s how they operate.

        There is a good reason why the English call it the big black cock organisation. They are very, very leftwing and very anti-white male.

        They even stopped showing repeats of Monty Pythons Flying Circus because they said it was not diverse enough for modern audiences because it has no blacks in it.

        They recently did a documentary about Roman Britain as well which they aimed at school children. Nothing wrong with that. The only problem was that the BBC decided to paint the demographics of Roman Britain as being black men with white wives and mixed race children.

        Then of course they also gave us “Troy fall of a city“ wherein Achilles was cast as a nigger and Robin Hood wherein Friar Tuck is of course a nigger.

        The list goes on.

        As for Sarah Jeong. There’s that hair again. The multicoloured hair the libtards all seem to wear like a uniform.

        I consider it to be a form of aposematism.

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          That angers me to hear about MPFC, unbelievable.

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      GDPR Harvester

      she might be the next asian targeted by black home invaders, i do hope so

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        Empty soul


        The irony is that East Asians are the highest performing group in America per capita. They are also overrepresented at all the best colleges and at all the biggest tech companies and have a medium wealth far above the average.

        No fucking white person is keeping them down in America or fucking oppressing them.

        It is also ironic that South Korea where she comes from is very nationalistic and very racist towards non Koreans and yet she appears to hold great pride in her roots despite being of opposite stance here.

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          GDPR Harvester

          @empty-soul They better be careful they don’t get drawn into this . They’re doing fine and have no reason to shout racism. White people are moving now, taking more of a stand, i see it everywhere, people on you tube speaking out where they never would have before. This is going to get nasty. On programmes there’s this series on sky set in the 19th century in london, the chief of police if a black man, ridiculous.

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      GDPR Harvester

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      GDPR Harvester

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      Jew Senator Brian Schatz publicly endorses Sarah Jeong’s racist Tweets. Color me shocked that a Jew supports genocide. Brian Schatz is also a Zionist who supports Israel’s apartheid.

      Jew Brian Schatz

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        Empty soul

        Never have I seen so many double standards existing at the exact same time.

        Jews accepting and supporting Nazi type rhetoric. Pro-Palestinian Libtards accepting Zionist Jew support. Sarah Jeong accusing the whites of racially oppressing people whilst applying for and accepting a job working for the Palestinian oppressing Jew owners of the New York Times.

        My hypocrisy meter has just exploded.

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      Fellow MGTOWs have been contacting NYT regarding their subscriptions:

      Sarah Jeong Tax

      No Sarah Jeong

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