Antidepressants and gore.

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      I used to not have the stomach for this kind of stuff.

      I accidentally stumbled upon a beheading video in 2006 and it depressed and shellshocked me for days, and I stayed away ever since.

      Last year I started taking Zoloft, and suddenly I found I could watch just about anything and feel little to nothing.

      I started frequenting this place, and the Watchpeopledie subreddit, and saw all that there is to see in a short time frame.

      Even when I stopped taking the Zoloft, I still felt numb to the gore.

      Did the medication fuck me up, you think?

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      Eh, not really?
      Sounds like the meds chilled you out and then you numbed yourself to gore while still taking the meds.

      Idk tho, wtf would I know, I’ve never been shocked by gore so I don’t think my opinion would be much help hahah.

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