AntiFa Freak Out As Journalists Show Up to Document Their Plan to Attack People

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      AntiFa has a public meeting on a Berkeley college campus to plan attacks on people at a rally. Non-AntiFa independent journalists show up to document their actions. AntiFa freaks out, claims female privilege and accuses them of stalking and attacking women and minorities.

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      Have to add, one of the women speaking at the beginning was at Carlson Tucker’s, showcasing her true colours.

      Watching the events happening in well–known universities is saddening. Especially in Berkeley, where If you are white & male, you are stigmatized.
      (Video of a human wall preventing only white students from passing into the campus area)

      What truly disturbs me is how USA is promoting segregation when it’s the uniformity against common enemies that made US powerful. (Looking at you, California state)

      AntiFa, BlackLifeMatters, LBGTQL+, feminism and whatever unholy shit exist out there, commonly fails to differentiate between integration and discrimination.

      The latter not being evil by default.
      As it is discrimination that gives special treatment to war veterans, to disabled people etc.

      Heck, it was “discrimination” that made Black people slaves, and it was the same “discrimination” that gave them rights FFS.

      Nowadays, discrimination or even privilege are constantly being used only with their negative meaning, instead of the good/neutral one.

      I hate to see proud Americans getting replaced by these kind of immature and naive(?) idiots.
      Effeminated men, cray cray women.

      I don’t want to make this a longer post, so I’ll close by saying how I escaped this degeneration.

      Periodically, I’ve felt the need to “disconnect”; from media, from forums, from the world, and listen to my own self.
      Removing whatever pressure I felt from them, co-workers etc, helped and is helping me be sane, fortify my beliefs, values and uniqueness.
      Not princess unique, but man–with–principles unique.

      This site helps a lot too.

      Thanks for your time & effort in building this place for all of us.

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