any of you guys here had a near death experience?

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      Arab Atheist

      if yes please share your stories with us,

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      I tried to kill myself a few times so that was close. It was a lot like being put to sleep with drugs. First time I tried to OD on some narcs and I remember blacking out and waking up in the hospital. If you have ever been put under for surgery it’s all most just like that. Never seen a light or anything like that, just pure blackness.

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      when i was a kid around 5? or 6? when i was with my babysitter and my mom came to pick me up and they were chatting i was eating a peppermint and started choking on it and threw it up in the toilet and then i got a new peppermint a few mins later and started choking on it again and threw it up in the toilet again.

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        Seems to me like you might not learn from past mistakes.

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      I once almost got thrown out of a roller coaster cart because the safety bar was loose. I came up off the seat but never got ejected. Scared the fuck out of me though.

      Had another where I was working on a car and the jack started collapsing for some unknown reason. I saw the car moving and got out from under it a split second before it fell. Oddly enough, I had the wheel off and the axle didn’t get damaged from the impact.

      The worst one was when I went drunk swimming with a few other people and at one point I went under and passed out. All I remember is “dreaming” that I was endlessly doing flips under the water. I was unconscious but aware that I was under water. Oddly enough, I felt peaceful. I always imagined drowning or suffocating would make someone panic and be agonizing. Probably helped being passed out or whatever the hell it was. A couple people that were semi-sober realized there was a problem and pulled me up and out to safety. No more drunk swimming for me.

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      I did a few combat deployments courtesy of OEF and OIF. Had bullets whiz past my head where you hear the whistle. Had bullets hit inches from my head into sandbags. Been pinned down by Taliban lobbing mortars at our OP. Been hit in the chest and spared by my IOTV. Lost brothers I loved more than my family. Experienced death up close and personal. Never traveled down the tunnel towards a white light, but many days I wish I had.

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        I was going to tell my little story of almost drowning in a riptide..but reading your comment gave me a chill.
        Never thought much about it until my best friends kid went into the service immediately after high school, did 2 tours in Afghanistan, came home with a brain injury, and completely different from the kid that left here at 18. He is now in Turkey doing security type work, I’m counting the days till he gets home.

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      Raving Mad Pigeon

      I was only meters away from being crushed by a tree burning at the stump. I have pretty good reflexes so I managed to avoid getting squished.

      I used to be really shit at swimming. Like a moron I went down a little rock dip on an old inflated tire, fell down the middle and was trapped underwater for a few panicky seconds. Things got a bit starry and my lungs were burning, but I was lucky that the water wasn’t too deep. Somehow managed to get up for air.

      I was helping my dad at the banana farm one day, and tripped while holding a cane knife. Lucky I regained footing (reflexes to thank again). Would have been nasty since I had the back of the blade resting on my shoulder.

      I survived a cyclone, back in 2011. I live a few clicks from where the eye hit, so we bore the brunt of it. An aluminum structure (no idea what it’s called) used to sit near the farm fuel bowsers. It’s designed to be a kind of cover for the back of my Dad’s ute. This is all down a hill, mind you, and we live up on it. During the cyclone, it managed to fly up the hill, magically missed the house and went tumbling down into the creek through the cane paddock. It’s still there to this day since it would take a tractor to lift it out. That same night, I was terrified with all the wind and banging of windows and doors, so I decided to hole up in the guest room. Lucky I did, because the glass exploded later that night, and I sleep a meter from the window. Also fortunate that my Dad shut the room door since we later holed up in the hall, which is a few meters from said bedroom.

      I almost stood on a snake once. I literally had my leg ready to step on its face. It was at night and I couldn’t sleep and I was bored. I had no torch and I have no idea whether it was venomous or not.

      I played with snakes at one point as a child. My mum saw it, got my dad over and apparently they were lethal. Good thing that the snakes weren’t feeling grouchy that day.

      I picked up a cone shell as a child. Apparently they can be lethal…I was scolded by my grandma.

      I don’t believe in angels or anything. I do however believe in common sense and reflexes, and pure chance.

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      I got hit by a car when i was 10. According to witnesses, I hit the bonnet and launched like 10 feet in the air. Hit the car on the way back down and rolled off. It was crazy, i remember it happening and it was like in slow motion. I got up and people started crowding round me. I remember the first thing i did was spit to see if there was any blood. The ambulance came and i went to hospital. Walked out 2 hours later with a bump to the head and a bruised leg.

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      When I was a teenager I had a sweet 1973 Firebird Formula (400 engine, 4-speed). I lost control of it on an icy road and hit a utility pole hard on my driver side door near the door hinges. It busted the car completely in half at the firewall and I nearly died. The door was smashed in almost to the gear shift. Both of my legs were badly messed up and I had internal injuries/bleeding. I almost bled out and died at the hospital. I spent the next 3 weeks in the hospital and many surgeries, then went home and spent the next 3 months in traction.

      That was how I spent most of my senior year of high school.

      It would have made a decent BestGore video.

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      @bubbaman, not sure what part of the story is more sad, your injuries or the totaled screamin chicken (no offense lol)

      Anyways i got a couple storys, for some reason im like totoaly ubsessed with water (but i almost never drink it) ever since i was born i was around water so there are about a handful of times where i have been close to drowning. The most recent was when i was swimming in the gulf after a tropical storm. The next day the waves were huuuggeee, so obviously my first idea is to swim 20 yards or so out with the surfers and swam the waves they were surfing. Several times that day i went underwater and had no idea if i was going to live. I learned the real meaning of riptide and undertoe haha.

      One of my good friends who actualy saved me from drowning stoped me from falling off a cliff to my death. Slipped running downhill and started tumbling. He caught me as my face was staring at about a 100ft drop into some rocks and trees.

      Ive had some close run ins with good ol mother nature. I live in an area that had a nucense bear problem. I used to chase them out of my area on foot lol. There was that time when i got imbetween moma and her panicking cub. She popped up over the fence in front of me and started clicking her jaw/grunting. (What a bear does when its pissed and gettn ready to attack) had several run ins later on with her and the cub. (The cub is now grown up) same place i had a run in with a large rogue male in my backyard. (Beeing stoned didnt help at the time lol) tried chasing him out untill he turned around, started walking twards me, then started clicking/growling. Walked right back into my house then he got mad and ripped up my fence. Swam on the beach with sharks that one time…. also got in gator infested waters once or twice….. a couple times ive gotten way to close to poisonus snakes (rattlers, cottonmouths, copperheads)

      Shit the other day i was driving through bama and my buddy almost pulled out of the median until i started shoutn n swearin. (I was in the passenger seat of his p.o.s. stang) If he puleld out i would have been directly hit by a large red suv doing about 70mph….. would have made for a great bg post though!! 😀

      Im pretty sure ive had a gun or two oointed at me also…..

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        I didn’t cry over my injuries, but I did (and continue to) shed a few tears over that Firebird. 😉

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      Lol i will now have a moment of silence fore said firebird.

      ALL RISE *hands fold and heads bow*

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      I fell over whilst eating a tic tac once, i didnt choke but it bloody scared me.

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      I was 16 when I was doing my locksmith apprenticeship (I was fascinated with safe cracking and lock picking) if you ever see an Abloy lock, know that the locksmith company that invented them was our cross town rival.
      I was into my 3rd month in the apprenticeship when myself and the 3rd year apprentice got a job from the boss to change the locks in a house south of sydney australia. The occupant had been evicted by the court so we had the local sheriff with us ( as per usual, state law says that a sheriff must be present during these jobs)
      We had done this type of job several times before.
      We arrive at the house, sheriff already being there and I shit you not the cop was eating a donut(most likely cinnamon) with spaghetti on top.
      The house did not look empty, quite the opposite. Very odd, never before has someone still been home by the time we got contracted to change the locks.
      Not wanting to cause a panic we knock on the front door to see if anyones home. A sickly looking, thin 40something white male with scabs on his arm and face opens the door, immediately recognizes our company logo on our uniform and knew exactly why we were there.
      He slams the door in our face and what felt like an instant, opens the door again and shoves a coach gun barrel in our face.
      He tells us to fuck off, promises death, bla bla bla. I remember feeling angry at him for shouting.
      Needless to say we were only to happen to leave, sheriff saw the commotion called in his buddies and a 30 minute standoff ensued with the guy surrendering.
      Those cops that day were saying how brave I was because of my calm reaction but really I was pissed off because I smoke weed and in their piggy eyes im just as much a criminal as that prick who threatened two unarmed apprentices with an old type of shotgun.

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      I have had other close experiences but in none of those was I ever at the mercy of someone else.

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      E. Verde

      Wow I have a Boring one compared to everywhere else. I was on a floati means flipped over on the deep end at my cousins house. I didn’t know how to swim so I literally was drowning. My dad pulled me out and I threw up a bunch of crap and water. My dad just walked away work a beer in his hand to continue talking to his brothers. I think my dad is so cool. I jumped back in the pool but in the shallow end.

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      Road Pavement

      When I was a child my foster mother high on drugs use to spank me to sleep and my foster dad would molest me in the name of Jehovah.

      Their was times I was beaten with hammers when I went to elementary school by drug addict school teachers later raped by the male staff

      Middle school I was beaten with a base ball bat by drug addict school teachers and other drug addict kids

      High school everyone fried their brain on drugs and became zombies and died weeks later.

      Every time I get my head busted in I get and out of body experience.

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      GDPR Harvester
        5th May 1992

      I was in a casino during the afternoon when I became really unwell. I tried to make my way home but in the end I had to stop the car. Turns out I had stopped outside the police station so I went inside and asked for directions to the hospital as I was in the town next to mine and didn’t know it very well. The coppers asked me a few questions and they decided to call an ambulance. On the way to the hospital I was as sick as a pig and felt fucking wonderful once I’d thrown up. I apologised to the paramedics for wasting their time but they said they’d take me in anyway just to be sure, though they really weren’t that worried because there was nothing sinister showing up on the monitor.

      At the hospital I was wheeled into A&E (ER for Americans) where I was checked over by a doctor. He wasn’t concerned either but wanted an ECG done; he said if it was fine I could leave. A few minutes later a nurse wheeled the machine in and wired me up to it. She started to do the ECG and out of the blue I went into cardiac arrest. It was just like someone had turned the light out. I remember I was drawing breath to say to her that I was starting to feel unwell again and then Boom! out like a light. I woke up four hours later in the coronary care unit.

      I’d had a heart attack, simple as that, and at a really young age too. When it happened I had no visions of anything, there were no lights to walk into, no creatures with harps, none with pitchforks either, just total unconsciousness. Death doesn’t scare me at all now because I know there’s nothing there; you just cease to exist as a human and your experience at death is exactly the same as before you were conceived. Nothingness. Quite a peaceful thought actually.

      One more thing: whilst I was having my heart attack some fucking Hitler-style traffic warden put a ticket on my car. Needless to say, it didn’t get paid. 😀

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        GDPR Harvester

        Why did my post land here? I didn’t reply to anyone, I just filled the box at the bottom of the page. Strange!

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      Lord Wankdust

      I fell head-first into a steep-sided burn (scottish: stream) when I was three or four. A totally random passer-by saw me fall in and came over and pulled me out. I only just survived.

      When I was 38 I was walking back home to my flat in Edinburgh when I was attacked by three junkies and knocked to the ground outside my front door. One of them pulled out a knife with a really fucking huge, jagged, broad blade and lunged at my chest with it. One of his methadone sweating pals pulled him off. If he hadn’t been stopped I would certainly be dead.

      A few years later I was driving North up the A9 at Slochd Summit when a car just a couple of cars ahead in front was broadsided by a pick-up truck coming South. We were all travelling about 60 or 70 miles per hour. The pick-up had just veered right across the carriageway and the two vehicles slewed off the road and burst into flames. Four dead right in front of our eyes. Just a few yards ahead and it would have been us.

      One Winter Night (21 December) in 1988 myself and my g/f were heading from Belfast to London to spend Christmas with her parents. We were travelling on the National Express Coach overnight. We woke up with the bus stopped on the motorway (M74) and the road actually on fire and the houses nearby on fire. Pan Am Flight 103 had just hit Lockerbie about twenty minutes earlier.

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        Wowie, that lockerbie story is really bizarre!
        You had you fair share of close calls mate…

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          Lord Wankdust

          Close calls is all they were my friend. But they were all only calls. The Lockerbie one was the strangest thing. We didn’t have a clue what it was when we passed the scene on the Motorway (M74). Nor did anyone else on the coach as it was pitch black outside – except for the flames. We thought it was a big house fire or a petrol-tanker crash on the motorway. This was pre-mobile phones or Internet days (1988). It was about 8pm or 8.30pm in the evening when we passed it I think and we stopped at Shap Services in Cumbria around 11pm. No-one mentioned anything about it. We stopped again around 3am for a driver rest stop at some other service stop and again no-one had even given it a second thought really. We got into London around 7am I think and immediately made our way to my GF’s Mum and Mad’s house and crashed out. Didn’t hear any news about Lockerbie until lunchtime that day. We would all know about it within minutes nowadays probably.
          I live not too far away from Lockerbie nowadays and I always think of that fiery view from the bus that dark night when I drive past.

          View of the bus route

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      I had 8 times as i remember i will share this as detailed as i can. ( sorry about grammar mistakes and poor language not my native )

      So first one was , when i was 8 or 7 don’t remember i fell from the tree i really don’t know how it happened what i remember was sound when i hit the rock with my face and then i black out very fast i did not felt any pain that was first one

      other ones happened when i was on drugs in 2014 when i was 21 it was my friends birthday . i suffer from anxiety and i am very antisocial person it not that i am scared of people i just don’t like them anyways i woke up early morning took 1 pill of clonozepam it’s a long term benzo i already felt weak after 1 hour cause i took it on empty stomach , it’s like i already knew somethings bad gonna happen . i went to buy some presents after that i visited my friend cause she did not want to celebrate her b day she was upset about something i got more anxious when her mom came in and started to talk about my life , how i was doing and stuff like that . so i took more pills i had baclofen which is muscle relaxant it makes you super happy but it’s very easy to overdose and it causes in best case coma it’s a lethal during overdose your lungs and other vitals just fail. so we decided to celebrate her birthday . so went to bar with our friends and i took more pills while we were driving there i was super relaxed but i already overdosed drugs it just takes 2 hours before you feel the overdose. i took some alcohol mostly vodka and bam overdose kicked in i remember at first i felt dizzy and weakness in my muscles i went to toilet but while i was walking i lost my vision i was 100% blind. i am like swinging my hands, one of my friends noticed that i was not okay so he came to me and telling me what’s wrong ? i said i can’t see anything and at that moment i lost my sense of hearing and coordination but i knew i was walking and then i felt how i got hit with very heavy force in back of my head and i felt super calm and relaxed i forgot everything,i have experienced happiness i never felt before then i opened my eyes someone was holding my legs upward , other one was doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and hearth massage so i ended up in hospital with cracked head cause i felt down on something edgy did i saw light nope , did it changed my life i guess i had similar cases many times as i mentioned can tell more when i was in come for 3 days and other stories and i don’t do drugs anymore :)))

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        GDPR Harvester


        Thank you for sharing that. I can really relate to some of the feelings and emotions you’ve shown here.

        Where are you from?

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      That is a scary fuckin story! You could’ve been a dead body instead of being here lookin at em. 🙂

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      Still scary nonetheless. Pretty quick and strong for such a young kid. Most other people would’ve been road pizza.

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      @Re-Pete Hahahaha baby Pete-zza! Made me laugh!

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