Anyone Entering Fort McMurray Required to Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement

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      Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada has been recently destroyed by wildfires. Now, anyone wanting to enter the city must sign a non-disclosure agreement that they won’t say anyone anything about what they saw.

      The city had been evacuated – the police (RCMP) now have plenty of time and space and freedom to rummage through property left behind. That’s what they did in High River, Alberta during the floods. They busted open gun safes to take the guns.

      Last time they got away with it that time, because no one expected it. Now that Canadians know what RCMP are like in Alberta, more people are going to be scrutinizing their shady doings, so to prevent them from coming to light, they enforce their NDA agreements.

      That Zionist puppet Justin Trudeau even refuse international help when it was offered – wouldn’t want the world to see the police state that Canada is.

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      I hope someone exposes what is really going on. Even canada’s bacon is fake. How could you ever trust the government? Yes, i know canadian bacon isn’t known as such there. Just bein a smartass.

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