Anyone sold there soul to the devil?

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      Would like to know has anyone on this site sold there soul to the devil? And did you get what u asked for?

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      Yes, I did. I did not get what I asked for, fucking asshole ripped me off. Who’d thought the devil is a liar?

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      I did – at the Crossroads and now, my blues guitar playing is better than Robert Johnson’s.

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      Me and my nan still died.

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      There’s no devil. The devil is in you and you sell your soul when you do things that are against your values, instincts and morals for a gain like money or items. Your fruits will forever be tainted when you sell your soul to greed. The devil is you. Hold it at bay or suffer.

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      Yeah I sell my souls every month when I overpay my rent ugh

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      AHAhahahahaahha jeze

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      The devil enslaves me every time I take a loan out at the bank.

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      I know some work speel when you want to sell soul of someone other for deal with devil, your soul stay clean, speel is on vlach language very old people from serbia they are called vlach or vlash, speel is:
      “Gorane djin blizna srbija Duche la draku in balta viardze.”<-(but you must say word how is writen here, speel how is writen)
      translator is:
      Gorane from blizna srbija go to the devil in a green swamp.
      with this speel you send soul to devil and then you make deal, but also
      i know better and stronger speel for deal;
      “Goran djin blizna srbija Se dza donjedzeu se ai tot karunţ in kasa, da njepuoţch nishknd pi lnga masa.”<-(but you must say word how is writen here, speel how is writen)
      other one speel is:
      Goran djin blizna srbija, tot shaj fakut, fata tja se fije blstamate sh kakate ku draku inbrakate sh ku porsh inkarkate. <-(but you must say word how is writen here, speel how is writen)

      Ok now lets write all speel, but dont forget speel how is writen dont use english language:
      [updated i forget]
      burn ordinary candle in the dark and be at the cemetery or at a crossroads times when talking about and then speel this:

      Gorane djin blizna srbija Duche la draku in balta viardze se dza donjedzeu se ai tot karunţ in kasa, da njepuoţch nishknd pi lnga masa sh tot shaj fakut, fata tja se fije blstamate sh kakate ku draku inbrakate sh ku porsh inkarkate pi kasete aratate

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      I rent my soul. Much more lucrative than selling it.

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      Watch the movie Ghost rider…its a deal kinda like that. U may(maybe get what u ask for) get what u ask for in exchange for ur soul but u will lose at the end of the deal. You ll be better off without making any deals

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      funny question i think i sold my soul.
      +20 years ago a family member was really ill (Brain Hemorrhage) at least 5 times. and she was really on death’s door.
      the odds of operation was 40/60 so the brain surgeon told us *might have lied*. she was operated for 10 hours and she claimed she got carried by a massive hand while in operation. that night before the operation i kind of beg of miracle. I not one of faith or some crap a thing i would not even do that for my self but i was kind of bound by blood oath to do so. who knows i might sold my soul that night. after the operation she not even had cold which is very unlikely for brain surgery. she recovered 100% after 5 years.

      So what do this proves? nothing might be stupid luck or higher powers where in play.
      I my self leave it in the middle i not sure what to make of it.

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      Christopher Ross

      The devil has no power. The deal referred to in legend is a trick. Like a pep talk, psyches you up.

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      Shut Up Fool

      I wonder, should I commit suicide to end life’s misery or make a deal with the devil? Better deal with the devil! But, hey! If the devil is real, then God is real. If God is real, then the devil is a liar. And if I commit suicide, I’ll go straight to hell, and BG will have another suicide post and everyone will call my corpse names. No! No! No! No deal, no suicide. Life is indeed a misery but at least I get to scroll and watch videos on BG. Happy 9th. Birthday, Best Gore!

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      Required name

      I did not know the devil was buying kias..well i learn something new everyday.

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      Never did, and Never will. God Willing! 🙂

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      I had a pretty terrifying dream about it once. I was lucid but I was running from some chick and I tried to fly but coukdnt (usually no problems like this happen) then she pulled me down and when I asked who she was she said satan then tried to deal with me. The thing that scares me is that I was lucid yet not in control and I often go lucid and have easy control.

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      Back in ’89 I did. I got plenty of things I asked for (you can’t be greedy in what you ask for) but when it comes time to be repaid, you usually have to give back 3X (i.e. asking for revenge on someone = something will affect you 3X worse than you asked for). Its all good tho if you can except and understand what will/did happen.

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      The devil isn’t malevolent…The “Horned God” originates to Sumeria. The Sumerian Gods wore headgear with horns. This predates Judeo/Christianity by thousands of years. Pagan religions were known for their worship of the Horned God. Only with the coming of Christianity, were they repeatedly stamped out, but continued to resurface and survive. Again, the Horned God was maligned and labeled as “evil.”
      The Horned God is a symbol of the the chi, the bioelectrical life-force. This is represented by Mercury, as it is fleeting, until fixed through the Magnum Opus. The glyph for the planet Mercury has the horns.

      The carvings and the hieroglyphics on the Temple walls and the pyramids still remain with us today, as evidence of the truth for those who have enough spiritual knowledge to interpret them. This is why the Gods imprinted these into stone. Satanism is based upon the Magnum Opus. All of the Satanic symbols, the emphasis on witchcraft and knowledge; all of these represent the achievement of the godhead. The Magnum Opus is what Satanism is all about: humanity reaching physical and spiritual perfection.

      When doing any personal research/study on your own regarding the Far East disciplines, it is very important to remember that unfortunately, these have been heavily polluted with Christian filth and lies like just about everything else. The TRUE goal of Satanism [the root word/name “SAT” of ‘all names and variations of Satan’ means “TRUTH” in Sanskrit, which is one of the worlds oldest languages], is to advance our souls and to empower ourselves. Meaningless crap such as references to certain ‘morality’ and ‘personal conduct’ should be weeded out as dross. These in truth have nothing whatsoever to do with obtaining the powers of the mind and soul. Knowledge and application of that knowledge is the only key.

      “Right up to the thirteenth century, Yantra-Tantra practises thrived on a widespread basis in the whole of Eastern India. In the Thirteenth century, muslim invaders destroyed the famed universities and centres of learning of Yantra-Tantra and ruined thousands of volumes of literature in the form of books, manuscripts and icons. People practising the art of Yantra-Tantra were massacred and those who were able to save their lives escaped to South India, Assam and countries like Nepal, Tibet, Burma, Ceylon and Java. In more recent times, the Chinese invaders who plundered Tibet further destroyed the monasteries and literature of Yantra-Tantra.”
      Reference: Power of Mantra and Yantra by P. Khurrana

      Hail Odin!

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      Back in the days it was believed if you joined satanism with the intention of being granted one wish in exchange for your soul your wish was granted. It is my duty to inform you, such, is no longer the case. Life is now cheap, and your soul is not as special anymore. Your wishes will not be granted as you wish. You will sell yourself to be used as needed without regards to your desires or without any necessity of granting a wishes to you.

      The reason being is people are no longer needed to be convinced or obliged to a certain life style comparable of back in the old days version of satanism.

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        Spiritual Satanism is about progressing the human mind and exposing the lies that have held humanity back for hundreds if not thousands of years! In my opinion. I don’t personally wish for eternal life or exceptional wealth. The truth is what we deserve. Abrahamic religion has corrupted any spiritual connection we had with the planet and of course horded/destroyed all the old knowledge for themselves or agendas.

        Hail Odin!

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      Satanist is all about taking advantages in everything life puts in your way. Life is too short to just sit back and let life pass you by.
      Hail Myself.

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      Barry Halls

      The Devil went to Jamaica
      He was looking to sell some weed
      He was doin’ fine, they were standing in line
      It was excellent weed indeed
      He came across a young man who was likewise peddling pot
      And the devil slid down the beach and said, “Boy, let me tell you what.
      I guess you kinda figured I’m a reefer head of course.
      And after all this time, I guess that I’m a connoisseur of sorts.
      Now your stuff smells OK, but this can tranquilize a horse.
      I bet a million in cash against your stash that mine’s better than yours.”
      The boy said, “My name’s Johnny, and you ain’t smoked nothing yet.
      One hit of this grass’ll kick your ass, you got yourself a bet.”

      Johnny roll a ball of hash and make sure it’s the bomb
      ‘Cause the devil’s got the kinda stuff they smoke in Vietnam
      You’ll get a million smackaroos in cash if you can cope
      But if you can’t the devil gets your dope

      The devil packed a bong with a little Acapulco gold
      And rosin flew from his fingertips as he fired up his bowl
      He filled that chamber all the way and he took a mighty hit
      And as they passed it back and forth it gave them both a coughing fit

      When the bowl was finished Johnny said, “Hey, man, that stuff was great.
      But fill your lungs with some of this and prepare to vegetate.”

      Cannabis sativa, sweet Mary Jane
      The devil’s in the back yard frying his brain
      Zig zag filled with a diggidy dank
      Hold on tight it’ll hit you like a tank

      The devil nodded off because he knew that he was stoned
      And he asked if he could buy an ounce of the stuff that Johnny owned
      Johnny said, “Devil, just come on back if you ever want to catch a buzz.
      I done told you once you son of a bitch mine’s the best there ever was.”

      Fired up doobies one by one
      Ain’t gonna stop ’til the bag’s done
      Green as a bull frog sticky as glue
      “Granny, do you get high?”
      “Yes, I do.”

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      I didn’t, but you can use this Jewkipedia article on dealing with the Devil 101, the rest is up to you to find exactly what you need, have fun!

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      Barry Halls

      Hmmm, article says it’s a Christian source, not Jewish. Of course if you realize Christianity was all about a Jew, maybe.

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      i bought mine from the devil and yes it is working gr8 best investment ever

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      Is that a real question? If that were true do you know how long the lines would be? So many people would be quick to sell.

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      Lord Wankdust

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        Oh my God, @LordWankdust or “Wanker’ my new nickname for you, lol, that is too funny my man. Where on Earth, did you find such an rarity bro?? 🙂

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      The devil only wants special souls, so he does not accept everyone.

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      I never did, and never will sell my soul to the Devil, @mimidori85 Because i Love our God, And Creator way to much to ever even think of doing something so stupid, and downright Evil. Hollywood Stars, Music Idols, and JEWS do it all the time, and GOD KNOWS (pun intended) whats coming to them on judgement day.

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      Selling your soul has nothing to do with Satan, it could be but not always. In a world where there is so much to have, people tend not to take advantage of lifes full pleasures because it goes against their beliefs. Sure, many who well their souls are all against pedophilia, rape, murder etc, but I want the most out of life and I don’t need no god telling g me that its wrong. 1936, you were going to hell if you smoked pot, why isn’t that the case now?
      God is dead and doesn’t care for you for he is a selfish god. It says so in the bible.

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      Can’t sell what you don’t have…

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      I believe Al Bundy did as accessories with the women’s shoes.

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      GDPR Harvester

      hard to sell what ya don’t have

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      Sold my right sole to the debble. It was pretty worn and the heel was fallin off.

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