Are moderators terrorists?

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      The argument.

      Why should we allow moderators to dictate terms to us?

      Do we not have free speech?

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      Fuck a moderator.
      We ain’t got moderators in real life, so why do we need the cunts online?

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      Do moderators impede your ability to start your own website and voice whatever opinion you want there? If no, then your right to free speech is intact.

      Whatever it is in life you create, whether it be a website or anything else, you have every right to protect the fruit of your labor from defacement. Consequently, protection of the fruit of your labor are just that and have nothing to do with your or anyone’s right to free speech. Unless your ability to start your own website and voice whatever you want on it is limited, then your freedom of speech remains intact.

      You can also look at it this way – an owner of a website can just shut the website down if he or she no longer has the time and money it takes to run it. Your sense of entitlement to someone else’s fruits of labor has nothing to do with freedom of speech. They are entirely the aftereffect of being a spoiled little brat who thinks the world revolves around them.

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          Sorry kid, but your privilege doesn’t extend to private property. You don’t have the constitutional right to someone else’s private property. On other people’s private property, you are a guest and if you start violating the space they worked hard to build, they have every right to protect it by kicking you out. You would have the equal right to protect your private property if you had one from those exact people. Although that assumes you’re actually capable of creating something worthwhile, instead of feeling entitled to other people’s fruits of labor under the guise of free speech.

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          See? Nothing you say matters to me.

          I can disregard everything you say with a single word.

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      Armenian potion

      so rude.without him we would not have this crazy.funny.sick website

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      When you say real life has no moderators. So funny because we are so fine tuned from childhood into how we should think and believe. You are moderated and don’t even realise it.
      Thankfully this forum is very lenient and allows a broad width of opinions.
      This site is a rare gem in this censored world. So don’t abuse it with flippancy @DarthLeather
      Respect to Mark for his dedication and work on this site.

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        I am sorry.

        I got banned from IGN once in 2002 and I never quite mentally and spiritually recovered from it.

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        Very well said.

        “It’s not fair!”
        Get over it….

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      Armenian potion


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      I just got banned from a different site for 7 fucking days because I used the word “tranny”.

      It’s not a derogatory word! It’s what they’re called! And I was talking about how much I wanted to fuck a certain one. It’s a compliment!

      Jesus Christ. This shit is why I hate moderators.

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        Whereas capable and competent people create, incapable and incompetent people whine.

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      To whom it may concern, this is the only site where a mod openly accepts any kind of free speech. Just because I don’t hold the views of others or use slang words to attack others race or sexuality doesn’t mean that it is wrong. It isn’t. The only time that it is wrong is when you are using the mods website as a guest and then start assaulting other guests who come to the same site. This creates a hostile site and reflects on the webmaster and the rest of his/her guests. When the site gets a bad reputation, that’s when the server comes under attack from others.
      No, a moderator is not a terrorist, they are protecting their property.

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        Armenian potion

        This is the first website I have seen like this and at first I was feeling ashamed to be on here but now I am Ok with it,and the comments make me laugh..I like it and I searched Marek on internet,he is like very intelligent guy also an adorable😊

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