Ashton Kutcher Seeks Taxpayer Money to Give Jews Control of Child Trafficking?

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      Actor Ashton Kutcher, who’s net worth is $200 Million, acts by crying crocodile tears while asking Congress for money extorted from the people to finance an app he claims would prioritize police response to sex trafficking cases.

      The catch:

      Best friend of Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, is a serial rapist that has used his position as a celebrity Scientologist to protect himself for years.

      Ashton Kutcher promotes the McCain Foundation, which the pizzagate community suspects is another front for human trafficking. In the video he says John Deep State McCain is his hero, as well as war hero.

      He was one of the celebrities who supported Friends of the Israeli Defence Forces Gala, and raised 60M for them as if 35B a year or whatever insane amount they get isn’t enough for a terrorist organization like Israel.

      There’s no better way to take full control of global child trafficking, than by pretending to be fighting it. Those who shout the loudest, usually have the most to hide.

      My guess is, because the group he represents runs many of the trafficking operations, they would like to “prioritize” their cop enforcers, and ensure there is no police response to reports on “friendly” child traffickers. Only on competition.

      Note he said “I’ve seen video of children as young as six being raped”…

      Kutcher was with Demi Moore who is a known pedophile.

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      I strongly dislike corporations. Especially ones that make things around them all corporatey. Which reminds me that the only good thing about That 70’s Show was Clarence Boddicker. Now there’s a guy who knows how to deal with corporations.

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