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      I thought this documentary questioning the moon landings was well done. The filmmaker confronts the astronauts directly, and their reactions are telling.

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      The Earth Is Flat, Immovable, and Dome-Firmament-Covered Mark. And “YOU” Know this, lol, I Know You Do.
      You are just too intelligent to believe otherwise brother. It was created by an intelligent designer or God!

      Baby steps with this sensitive-topic is an interesting, and effective approach, or way to go about-it when discussing this. This is most definitely something that i should’ve done when i started, instead of coming-in like a Fucking Bull In A China-Shop. 🙂

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      I remain unconvinced that Mark believes in a Flat Earth. In fact,I am absolutely sure he doesn’t .

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        I Don’t believe i was talking to you Nemes, so if you wouldn’t mind,,, *Mind Your Own Fucking Business*, as you do not know the past conversations that we have had, and the stuff that i have showed him, AND **In Person**

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          I could not care less.

          You expressed an opinion and so did I as is my right on a forum page which incidentally was set up by Mark, not you.

          In any case ,you have spammed many a forum with your stuff so if what I do say is unwelcome ,well too bad.

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          Well Then Fuck-Off with your Bullshit You Coward & Loser. Cause I At Least Tag The Individual In Question That i am speaking too, Like A Real-Man Does. Doing-So Completely unafraid to challenge him with Proof & (Not Uneducated Theories) ANY-DAY, **ANY** You Failure Of A Man & Chicken You!

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          You fuck off whiny bitch with your tags and shit. YOU stopped using those rules of etiquette and tagging years ago , so fuck you.

          In any case ,my replies here are to you and can be seen to be replies to you and not just as replies in general.

          Go fucken cry in your pillow.

          I will not be responding any further to you- in this forum about our issue – in a negative way so as not to spoil Mark’s topic.

          However ,I’m happy to bitch with you elsewhere on- site or on our profile pages if it pleases me.

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      Akbar Shabaz

      Good share with the video. I was immediately sucked in within the first minute 🤣 . Holy shit those guys have no poker face am I right

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        Yep they are all (Full of Shit) Just like the Jews that keep pushing this Fake-Space, and Fake Space-Travel that they claim exists. So they Keep-Sucking-In The Angry-Sheeple just like the Anally-Hurt One above, lol,lol. 🙂

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      The only true way we can know if these Astronauts are telling the truth is for them to take a polygraph test, it will surely close all the debates and doubts but even in they’re refusal to do it under the bible “which if we were to assume they are apparently followers of Jesus” shows their inability & incompetence to swear under gods name raising the doubts further, as they’re clearly protecting the lie, and strengthen the possibility of it all being a giant hoax.

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        I agree with your sentiments but just want to correct the record. Through no fault of your own you believe that polygraphs work. They don’t. They can be cheated and some individuals are sociopathic and can pass with flying colours simply because of the way their brain and emotions work. Others would fail immediately simply because they have a high level of residual anxiety in any case.

        In addition ,not all Christians believe you can swear on the Bible. Some Christians believe it is a Sin to use God’s name in swearing, EVEN When it is on absolute truth. An example , I am in court and i am asked does the Sun rise in the East ,I would refuse to swear on God that that is true. I knew some such individuals.

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      Here is another great 20 minute video to make space travel a case-closed issue, as Truth Fears No Investigation.

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      Here is another video that compliments the Astronauts gone wild.

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      Space may be the final frontier but it’s made in a Hollywood Basement & in our heads, and is scripted reality.

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