Baton Rouge Police Serve and Protect the Public from Protesters

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      My boyfriend lives in the French Quarter, about an hour away from Baton Rouge. It’s already getting tense there too. Lots of nervous Creoles with guns ready, I must admit. I probably won’t go back to Nola til this all settles down, but not because I’m worried about shit popping off… Protesters in the FQ block up the one way roads like it’s fucking Mardi Gras, which makes NOLA PD call in State Troopers for help with crowd control. And those troopers are fucking BRUTAL motherfuckers They also use horse mounted police IN the crowds.One Mardi Gras, I watched a drunken, belligerent female get grabbed by her hair by a mounted officer, dragged alongside the horse, and get damn near stepped on by it. It’s a fucking nightmare down there when big shit is going on, and “ain’t nobody got time for that”.

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      Lmao i live in the south and i been to the french quarter. Couldnt imagine trying to get through there during any sort of protest and/or large gathering. And the state troopers down heer are no joke. They see you speeding?? Better haull ass. Get pulled over?? Lol better hope its a good day. But a protest against the cops?? Count me in 🙂

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