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      I know it sounds weird
      I know what you think
      No one can say
      I’m the only one

      Believing in the beauty
      Of destruction, Annihilation,
      Gore and Death

      And Further that everything
      And everyone has a reason
      To exist so why don’t we kill it

      Shame on them who
      Repair who revive
      Shame on them who
      Blame and hate
      The Destruction of everything

      So hold togethere and wait
      The time is will come
      For us stopping to hide
      Come together and fulfill
      The work which must be done

      Don’t kill yourselves,
      See them burn,
      Only the merciless
      Will stay in the end.

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      The point whith everything has a reason is sarcasm for all of you who don’t got and get it. To say it clearnothing has any reason to exist.

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      WTF. was actually 15Y old at the time of writing.
      interesting to find such time capsule.

      sorry for our english, wtf. how bad can one be lol

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