Because the "Curious" in my name knows no bounds! (Also have a question)

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      Hi! I go by the name “The Curious Insomniac”. I have a blog in the same name and I’ve always been fascinated with the entire concept of death and gore as well as deep web. When I was much younger, looking at these kinds of pictures and videos would have made me sick, but I’m pretty unfazed now.

      I discovered this site by accident about a year ago and was instantly intrigued! I visited the site often, but never commented or opened an account, so I changed that recently. I now want to be a part of your world (no “Little Mermaid” pun intended, lol). I’m quite opinionated as I know you guys are, but I mean no harm. I believe everyone has a right to their own opinions whether I agree with them or not. I hope to meet some great people!

      As for my question: I’ve been wanting to submit some photos from a medical procedure I had recently. I see that other members have done so, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out where to submit my story. Can anyone point me in the right direction so I can show you the aftermath of basically having a “live embalming” (the procedure, not the chemicals)?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you can swing by my blog, That would be cool too! Thanks!

      The Curious Insomniac

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      Hi Curious.
      Nice to make your acquaintance. Welcome to the party…As far as putting something up here, there are two ways. One it to use the forums, like you just did and put it in the proper category. Another is to make it a posting that goes up on front page. To do that, go to the info on the right side of page here, or anywhere, look for, “your comment will be removed if”, go to the bottom of that and you will find “get creative and submit the kind of stuff you’d like to see”. Hit that link and do your thing.

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        Thank you for the welcome! Even when I wasn’t a member, I loved reading the comment section because everyone seems so laid back but also know how to have fun.

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      Aegrescit medendo

      The Contact page has instructions for submitting content.

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        Thanks! Even though I’ve been coming to this site for awhile, I still feel like a noob, lol!

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      Welcome aboard 🙂 You sound like a wonderful person.

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