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    Seraphim Serenata
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    Not sure what “Donate
    Bitcoin : bc1q92s6jwx0hr…..” Can’t click on the icon

    Couple days ago it said “Bech32 …”

    Not sure if there is something in process of changing?

    Noticed it, just curious is all @happy

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    Seraphim Serenata
    Goints: 137,611

    Okay. I can click it, pops up Scan barcode thing smart phones have.. nothing else I can do after that

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    Vincit Omnia Veritas
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    Yeah, I will add a page with instructions for those who have not used Bitcoin before. So far there is the BTC address for those who either have bitcoin, or can use bitcoin machines to make donations.

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      Seraphim Serenata
      Goints: 137,611


      I wanted to donate the last time, when @thedre was taking care of that… Way too confusing and complicated to make an account last I remembered

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