Belgian MP Laurent Louis Calls Prime Minister Di Rupo “Mr. Pedophile”

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      Longer video:

      During government session, Belgian member of parliament Laurent Louis calls Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo Mr. Pedophile. Majority of Jew-bought MPs walk out in response. Di Ruppo was repeatedly caught with young boys in his car, of which there are numerous police reports.

      After being elected to parliament, Louis started bringing the Detroux affair into the spotlight, bringing evidence to light which showed that it was covered up. He created a website so that the public could see for themselves what was really going on, and on this website he uploaded documents from the botched investigation.

      In late December of 2015, Louis published a Facebook post outlining the evidence of the Islamic State being connected to the Israeli government. He was labeled an anti-semite for that and later had his Twitter account suspended. The Jew press launched a smear campaign against him, labeling him a holocaust denier.

      The cabal accused Laurent Louis of slander and the Belgian court sentenced him to suspended sentence of 8 months. Additionally, he was sentenced to a 6 month suspended sentence for infringing on the 1995 Belgian anti-negationism law, which prohibits free speech, for exposing the lies about the Holocaust.

      Laurent Louis is a true political dissident and a courageous voice for the people. He has also boldly spoken out against the military industrial complex and the illegal wars in the middle East, about false flags, about Western governments backing terrorists, about the big pharma industry colluding with the banks to keep people sick, etc.

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