Best and or worst sexual experiences?

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      Kitty Kat

      Anyone wanna share their best/worst sexual experiences? I got “raped” the other day and it was pretty great.

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      I had sex in the woods and it was INCREDIBLE. I was able to get as loud as I wanted and I have a really deep voice so it sounded like I was a lion roaring. The girl said it was the sexiest thing she’d ever heard.

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      Long Haired Dude

      This worst experience has nothing to do with the woman, but the situation. The worst experience was a woman that I met at a party went to a mall and started to have sex in a public bathroom since we were high and horny, but we didn’t realize the bathroom was filled with people. We went into a stall and undressed each other and started to have sex, but about 30 seconds in security banged on the door and being high, I opened the stall still fucking the woman. We were both kicked out, but security let us put our clothes on. The woman and I were laughing non stop, so it wasn’t bad at the time, but when I look back on it, it’s a fucking disaster.

      The 30 second sex though was great, lol.

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