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      Road Pavement

      You can fill me on the details but how I figured this shit out that the site owner has gotten involved in cult that pretends to be the authorities and come up with their own laws as they come.

      After reading the articles this cannot be happening, I know we are not alone in this millions of people in the united states are now being arrested for anything that the authorities are coming up with.

      If this shit is happening in Canada then the cult needs to be exposed, By whom and who is doing this.

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      Lord Wankdust

      Has there actually been “Millions of People in the United States” arrested recently for “anythingthat the authorities are coming up with”?
      Would that be offenses such as

      * “being in possession of thick lips, dark skin and curly negro hair”?
      * “Taking money that doesn’t belong to you from banks”
      * “Appalling (mis)use of grammar, poor syntax, unresolved transferred epithets and attempting to write English while drunk in charge of a phone.”

      Perhaps someone could help translate the first paragraph in the opening post as I am unsure what the multiple layers of stacked grammatical errors should actually unpeel into. Get one layer wrong and the whole grammatical clusterfuck turns to shitcake.

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        Road Pavement

        Just the other day a disabled woman was found walking in the snow and was taken to my apartment complex by the police and they asked me to watch her because she gotten evolved into something that was completely pure bullshit, I let her sit down and let her watch TV and started to ask the police officer what the fuck is going on.

        The police officer told me that a black student was protecting his pregnant woman from a dike (a man portending to be a woman) was being beaten to death by the local police. Due to this dike was stalking children, The black student was across the parking lot with his red haired woman (She have large breasts due to her pregnancy like every woman does) gotten aboard the university bus to get out of the conflict.

        What I figured was the disabled neighbor could of winded up institutionalized along with the dike if the officer did not recognize her.

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        GDPR Harvester


        You Milord fail to understand Road Pavements joke this time but I can’t blame you. He meant to say trillions as he often do on many of his posts.

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      Lord Wankdust

      “because she gotten evolved into something that was completely pure bullshit”

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        Muja Mi Rona

        If only I could write like roadpavement. If I could walk around inside hims mind for just one hours I would return as Master Sage. But that’s is impossible, so I shell just wait for he next gold nougat of wisdom.

        Who will be Mr. Bestgore 2018? The heights reached by Mr. Bestgore 2017 can’t be matched IMO. All Hail Roadpavement!

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      Road Pavement

      I also noticed I had a trillion connections ( I lost count due my fire fox keep going ape shit ) and had to switch to another web browser and uploaded some new programs to prevent the shit happening again.

      This shit is like some fucked up conspiracy movie or just another bullshit conspiracy sitcom like x-files.

      I assume it a bunch of paranoid bullshit this cult leader came up with just to target the site owner, And other people that did nothing wrong to this person, I knew a lot of people that are paranoid schizophrenic even their was a time where I was targeted by a cult that was strait out of the cartoon smurfs and I played the villain Gargamel it was so fucking stupid that I hired a kid that knew what was going on and who played papa smurf.

      Sure he did and he got the person’s photo ID and looked him up and yet I found out this person was a well known sex offender and exposed this person with help by concerned neighbors handing out flyers at places where children where attending like schools and afternoon programs and gone far as shit can fly.

      To make things short this person had to leave town and where he goes the past will always follow.

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