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    • #78345

      Any subject goes. I challenge @Tmoney2600 who gave me the idea. Anybody else? I know y’all have some ghetto wanting to get out!

    • #78346

      Fuck yeah, I’m getting in on this shit!

      • #78347

        I knew it! Brass balls right here folks!

        • #78349

          I write brutal death metal, horrorcore rap and oz rap lyrics for fun, so yeah, I love shit like this hahah.

    • #78352

      I started it so, I’ll go off with some not so impressive lines.  I suck at this!!

      Everyone is here to see the blood, the guts, the reality check
      Every damn minute, everybody gotta hit the deck
      Gunshots, stabbing, burning and choking
      Bestgore is the real shit – There ain’t no fuckin joking

    • #78354

      Ain’t no joking when you’re naked bloody and choking.
      You’re covered in gasoline while I’m standing over you smoking.
      You hopeless joker better know brah that I don’t play no games.
      Revenge through the use of red hot poker, poking until I see your guts and brains.
      Ain’t no game when you play with the deranged.
      Yeah, there ain’t no gain, other than me slitting your throat over a fucking drain.

      I’ll tryna keep shit short, no need for all that crazy long shit lol.

      • #78355

        Yeah! That’s the stuff!!

    • #78356

      You homefried bitches thinking white girls can’t rap
      That same kind of thinking – sweet chicks can’t scrap
      When I got you down in a heap of glass – putting that choke on yo mothafuckin ass
      You wanna call out to Daddy, you wanna cry about death –
      You ain’t calling shit – I’ve put a lid on that breath
      Can’t breathe bitch, there you go, try
      Squeeze a little harder, I’m poppin out your eye
      You went from red – to purple – and now you’re looking blue
      Lucky cunt – Sirens coming & your crew’s coming too
      It’s like you got 7 on your very first roll
      So get the fuck gone – get back on your pole.

      I’m looking at You IsCunt!

    • #78360

      Body after body, getting all bloody.
      I’m nobody but soon to be somebody.
      When I’m deep inside your body.
      But not in that way, that can wait, you like knife-play and big blades?
      Stomping on your bitch face this big blade gonna cut you and fuck you till you fucking break.
      Say my name say my name, wanna be my lady?
      Well maybe baby let’s see wanna play a game with me?
      We could be together forever but that’s depends on whether, whether or not you win this game or end up with a loss.
      The choice is yours, whadya say hoe?
      No I don’t know what it’s to try and talk with a broken jaw.
      Just shut up whore, the ball’s in your court.
      Should’ve taken new route home and wouldn’t of been caught.

    • #78361

      you wouldn’t of*

      • #78362

        Bravo! Cool shit. Miss Russia is gonna love that. Maybe she’ll throw in some lines too.

      • #78365

        what it’s like to try*

        Fucking hell, typos lol.

      • #78367

        taken a new*

        Fuck hahah.

      • #78377

        until you*

    • #78363

      BG Addicts … Rough gore junkies
      No mainstream lies – no fuckin flunkies
      Just because we like to see blood splatter
      Don’t mean we say Life don’t matter
      But there’s a few, fucks we give zero
      So shut your mouth if you wannbe a hero

      Here are some examples, don’t be a fag
      But if gotta do it – grab your airsick bag


      Heads on sticks, skulls broken with bricks
      Cycle crashes yanking off dicks

      Pretty girls all bloody, Every orifice wet and muddy
      Limbs all twisted like Silly fuckin Putty

      Smashed to hell faces – little brain traces
      We never see shoes with any damn laces

      All their fingers gone – gleaming white bone
      Leave em in the street there to die alone

      Smashed under truck tires – screaming in hot fires
      Lynching in town just for the liars

      She cries “Rape” – Nobody’s got a tape
      Fuck it, they stomp his dick like a grape

      Beheadings over the green – beheadings to be mean
      Beheadings when a new sword is too damn clean

      No reason for bloodspill – No reason for this kill
      But eat it like a meal, as we get our fill

      We clamor for more – depraved, sick gore
      If BG was heroine, our arms would be sore
      Judge us if you will – but we stay for the thrill
      While you waste time – you’re another fuckin shill.

      (I gotta get sleep. I fear what you’ll come up with before next time!)

      • #78366

        That was fucking raw, good shit!
        You’ve inspired me to do up a verse in that raw style when I jump on here tomorrow.

    • #78372

      Hey you, do you like videos and images of severed heads?
      Better yet, how about children laying dismembered in their own beds?
      Or raw footage of the Syrian civil war crisis?
      Or maybe you’d like to see alleged spies get their throats sliced with knives by ISIS?
      If you’re hungry for more, best gore has more than you can digest.
      Scroll down and you’ll be happy that you’re alive and haven’t died yet.
      A violent death is something we all could fall victim to easily, as it’s seen graphically and freely here on BG.
      Murder suicide triple homicide paramedics die blown in explosions.
      Pipe bombs IED’s landmines millions die.
      Mothers cry siblings wonder why, fathers hold their dead kids as they scream at the sky.
      Motherfucker it’s wartime.
      Bullets fly, enemies die, left facless and dismembered, possibly while still alive.
      The reality will blow your mind if you’ve lived your life blind, confined by soicety’s standards of censorship and what’s acceptable for your eyes.
      Fuck it I’m done, time to watch some cunt livestream his suicide on facebook via my favourite method, a gun.

      I was gonna add some more but it was getting too long lol.

    • #78394

      Freestyle raw –respect to IsraelCunt!!!

      So listen – That’s the way we split it and hit it
      Wound to the chest and he still gonna spit it
      IsCunt coming loud, proud, vicious
      Back up if you the shit’s fictitious

      Cuz those AKs are spraying, Prayer rugs out for praying
      Does your wooden idol hear what you’re saying?
      When you take a round to the chest
      And they lay your ass to rest
      Stop blaming tin gods for this manmade mess
      There’s a pop and the shit sounds near
      Fly by, drive by take a chunk from your from your ear

      And you might sitting in a plush pad, thinking “it aint me”
      Use your fingers to hit B-E-S-T-G-O-R-E

      It might be you, death knocks on every door
      You ain’t gotta be in Brazil to taste a fuckin war
      You don’t have to be in a cartel to hit the ice cold floor
      Praise who you praise for the roof over your head
      Raise your hands to sky and be glad you’re not dead
      Breathe deep that you’ve never run from lead
      And listen to the shit IsCunt and I said

    • #78397

      Lets send this is in a trippy, kind of stream of consciousness route:

      My dreaming is lucid my visions are putrid neutered and useless the drugs I abuse it.
      They say use it or lose it but I used it till I lost it, I don’t know what the cost is what the consquence is let’s see what gives.
      It’s breaking my spine and fucking my mind at the same time with a sledge hammer and a serrated knife.
      Bloody blades of ice flash before my eyes ghosts screaming in the night that I’m gonna die.
      Hang yourself to help yourself cut yourself to trust yourself fuck yourself to love yourself the game is over.
      Taking all the drugs again, tripping with a friend again, wait.
      Do you hear that?
      It’s getting closer.
      It sounds like crying and screaming why are my veins bleeding?
      My fingers turn into spiderwebs and they weave a web around my neck and crush my throat until I choke then it’s as if I’ve awoke.
      But no.
      I watch myself navigate a landscape I create and constantly update.
      Everything is so realistic I can’t tell what’s real or fake.
      Or what path I should take even though I made this maze, I’ll walk for days but never come across a single face or even a trace of an escape.
      An endless haze, locked in a fate designed by the insane.
      Or so they say, dreams mean something, well that something is an endless nothing randomly ruptured by dark and disguting, things, I think?
      A gentle breeze makes my knees weak, yet again I find it hard to breathe. I’m a bitch that’s impossible to please I’m a broken man crying on his knees, I am god, I am every-fucking-thing, but yet I am surrounded by nothing.
      I can tell you’re bluffing, your eyes keep darting left to right, you’re so pretty when you lie.
      Maybe I’ll feel complete when I die, I don’t even want to try, I’ve been fucked so many times that my insides are on my outside, why am I still alive?
      Smile, and I’ll pull out all your teeth.
      Your bodyparts are nothing but trophies to me and my family in the year three thousand and six.
      I bet you’ve sucked a hundred dicks, the clock strikes twenty-six, why am I having flashbacks from when I was six?
      Where do thoughts come from?
      How are they originated?
      Why do I want to burn the places we first dated?
      If hell is real I wanna taste it.
      Fuck heaven, I’ll piss on the clouds and shove my dick in god’s mouth while singing about, something, I just can’t make it out.
      Fuck this, I just want out, I just wanna wake up, please, fuck.

    • #78400

      That’s some nice breaks and flows. I’m liking when you’re spitting it real quick and it’s fast-flowing and then BREAK. And then the fast flow picks up again. Like this section:

      My fingers turn into spiderwebs and they weave a web around my neck and crush my throat until I choke then it’s as if I’ve awoke.
      I watch myself navigate a landscape I create and constantly update.
      Everything is so realistic I can’t tell what’s real or fake.

      Like I really think I hear it, the way your meaning it to be heard. My last one I did was just full-on fast flow. I like three rhymes in a line. It’s just me. You’re more raw. I like that too. Wish more people would play. It doesn’t matter if it sucks, it’s fun and they tried.

    • #78401

      I’ve been rapping all your shit and sounds fucking dope man.
      And yeah, the last one was just kinda on some experimental shit, was more about the actual flow than the words tho lol.
      I find just smashing heaps of random shit togther but making the flow sick works as a good exercise to improve your flow, just not your ability to convey a single concept over the length of a verse lol.

      • #78402

        Totally. And I always keep in mind the possibility of turning it to a more refined poetry. But I loved your style with those breaks. I could hear it. Outstanding! I’m still shocked Russia hasn’t brought you roses lol. Maybe she’s asleep over there.

        • #78405

          I used to write raps and shit all the fucking time back in the day, I’ve been trying to get back into it for ages because like, it’s a hectic feeling for me write down a sick verse, however lame that sounds hahah.

        • #78408

          Fucking hell, it seems likes no matter how many times I proofread my posts, I always seem to still post them up with typos and missing words, fml hahah.
          I think my brain is slowly fucking dying lol.

        • #78410

          I leave out words a lot. But our brain skim and we don’t notice. I didn’t see any prob.

        • #78411

          It’s pretty fucking weird how our brains will just skip fucking words and shit like, y u do dis brain?? hahah

    • #78403

      Hey you know, we should come with a topic ie shooting, war, IEDS, crashes – whatever – both do rhymes and see the cool contrast between them. We could let Bella pick a topic or something. Someone not playing. I bet we’d have way different takes on the same topic.

      • #78406

        Oi fuck yeah, that would cut sick!

    • #78450

      i will battle thee to thine death
      and it shall be video taped and shown for all
      on this ever free and spirited website
      none of this is like rap in any way shape or form
      but get me drunk enough and i’ll rhyme my ass
      from sea to shining sea … what the fuck am i saying
      christ this is more of a rant now
      why the hell don’t i have a podcast
      i’d rather snort coke than go to work

      • #78456

        Ode to Tmoney 🙂

        What’s your poison? What’s your key?
        To unlock the crazy motherfucker that we wanna see
        Hit the bottle, fuckin full throttle – Jaeger, Beam, 7&7, Jack
        Stoli, Hennessy, Johnnie Walker Black

        Fuck a duck. Duck , duck Goose, Watch these fuckers jump when Tmoney gets loose
        Body shots, belly shots, jello shots – more
        Shit, Tmoney’s drinkin fast as I can pour!

        Give this hammered fucker a mic, Tmoney, honey, gonna roll all night
        IsCunt can spit it, I try too, So come on man – we wanna hear you

      • #78459

        I was full-on reading that like it was a rap, but then it wasn’t rhyming and I was starting to think, “what the fuck is this?” hahaha.
        Had me fooled!


        • #78480

          Same! I was like this is modern freestyle? ha I wrote him a goofy rap, a pep talk if you will. 😉

    • #78541

      Ai, I’m on break at work and it’s international women’s day, hahah, time to fuck this shit up.
      Short Gorehop Lsp style spit shit.

      It’s international women’s day, time to make some snuff.
      I got a bitch tied up, camera rolling, time to fuck her up.
      Bottle up her cunt stomp on the slut till it shatters shout out to scum for that one.
      Machette at the ready, time to slash where my dick is soon to be.
      No, not where the bottle has already been, I’m gonna make some new holes in her body wherever I please.
      Hacking at the tendons in her knees, shit, backyard human centipede?
      Meathooks in her ribs, let’s rip this bitch this open while slicing down her middle.
      Don’t worry slut, this is going to a lot hurt more than just a little. 😉

      Gotta get back to work hahah, ffs.

      • #78544

        I’m afraid of you. lol But the style was cool.

        • #78565

          It’s just literally a rehash of Scum’s more snuff-orientated Gorehop shit lol.
          Should check out his albums The Gorefather, Snuff HD and One Track Mind.
          Check out all his other shit as well because, well, he’s just a fucking boss.

    • #78543

      left tha Shell
      hittin’ up suga’ shawns
      fat ball money
      cold runnin’ thru tha back lawns
      launch my forty
      hit tha fence ready
      pigs rollin’ thru, an i got’s my gat steady
      rep 34th st, rollin’ like an OG
      chill by tha windowsill
      gonna be a robbery
      can’t see me skit a dee betta’ flee
      tampa straight nigga funna flex that triggary
      homicide homie fool ya best not try me
      rep sulpher sprangs and tha east side posse
      punk clown
      rollin’ thru my hood bitch you ain’t down
      cracka ass gun shot, brains splat
      that’s all i got’s

      • #78545

        Somebody must have gotten their drink on. Cool, @Tmoney2600 – very old school and realistic like they use to kick it. Love that stuff, creepin through lawns and the cops on you. Made me think of Dre although I don’t recall him talking about a brain splat, lol. That’s all you, gore freak. Very cool! Thanks for posting!

    • #78547

      nebraska ave
      coke is what i have
      din’t mean ta splack
      that trick in halve
      west side bitches
      ya funna get stitches
      east brandon side
      runnin’ thru them cliqu-izz
      tat’d up niggas
      fakin’ bout riches
      rollin’ thru tha mall
      like a bunch of bitches
      tmoney kills, mic skills fresh
      runnin’ wit my crew slangin’
      pounds of meth
      posse is tight
      ya pussy is tight’a
      rollin’ my dope an i
      hit it wit a lighta’ …
      puma’s are slick, yo mama is slicka’
      nigga’s kill nigga’s
      when they pull them trigga’s

      • #78548

        *Applause* I like that one better. I was saying it and it flows real fast and catchy. Very cool. You’d have to actually be able to rap quickly to do that one. I’d screw up at about Line 2. 😛 Love it

        • #78549

          i’m hitchhiking to wherever you are … husband or not … and we will watch CZW live, rapping all the while … hope they still have flaming tables

        • #78550

          or flaming yon … get it? fillet mignon? i crack myself up sometimes … sigh, but that’d be a great name for a south american wrestler

        • #78551

          Oh man, you know Tournament Of Death is coming up in June! That’s when shit gets real. That year Nick Gage nearly died, crazy! We should hit TOD in June in Delaware. Jersey has rules about Mercury in light tubes so they have it in Delaware so they can bust about 500 tubes. YeS! We can write a TOD rap and ICP’s tag champs are there. We’ll get a contract. okay, maybe not that, lol But still fun!

    • #78552

      we will own the federation and be named interim tag champions after coining a new theme song … you know, i messaged the company once on facebook saying it was a dream of mine to actually be a booker or a manager or something in wrestling other than an actual wrestler and the dude responded in like five minutes in all seriousness asking me to send in a tape or record bits on youtube … wtf am i doing with my life persuading people to refinance their home loans!?!?!?!!?

      • #78553

        Did you do something? I woulda made a move.
        I think Juggalos would be a cool company.
        I think JCW tag champs are very good.
        Short vid, cool soundtrack

    • #78560

      my bad esa … i fell zzz … i be loving me some CZ-Dub

    • #78563

      That’s cool. We got off track anyhow. I’m gonna try to write something as scary as IsCunt’s rap.
      Back to the rap!

      • #78675

        I’m still waiting for this rap hahah.

    • #78564

      man i just tried to find an old CZW video on youtube and i think it’s been deleted but i was a tad shocked at how many stupid ‘reaction’ videos are on there now … what, filming newb’s who aren’t even into wrestling is a thing now? anyhoot …

    • #80614

      Spit solar rays on DJ’s who think they raw
      Right before I break your fingers off on a car door
      And I’m give your girl a C-section with a chainsaw
      And graffiti my name with the blood stains on the floor

    • #80912

      I’ma rip out your teeth one by fucking one, then fuck your fucking throat when I’m fucking done.
      Blood and cum will fill up your exposed lungs, as I continue to fuck you and gut you until I fucking cum.
      Over and over again, it won’t stop even when you’re dead.
      Even when I pump your fucking head full of fucking lead.
      Once I’m over fucking your dead throat, I’ma stick my dick in what’s left of your head on the road.
      I’ma slide my meat in between your splattered brain and the concrete while rubbing my nuts with your guts because they’re so soft and steamy.
      Believe me when I say cum stained bloody guts is what gets me off cunt.

    • #78375

      **hoping that’s not scarcasm because I can’t tell** hahah

    • #78381

      Aw fuck yeah!
      Kind words are always appreciated aye.

    • #78481

      I’d like to see me in a real rap battle in some underground throw-down, I’d be leaving crying and shit. Black people would be throwing crackers at me. ha

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