black lives matter

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      Not really. All the little niglets getting shot by police would only grow up to be thuggin ass murderers or theives. I dont feel any sympathy for them. They thought they could live a big boy life but not have to deal with the very real consequences of what they are doing. Even if its only a fake gun you are giving an impression that you will take a life and if not that, use it as an intimidator to receive your handout. Fuck that. I have seen the look in their soul-less eyes when their in the act of whatever their doing. Like fucking animals. In my eyes, Its only justice being served if someone with a weapon and bad intentions gets taken out. No matter the color or age. Seems to be the thing for black boys to live by though. Its almost like a woman expecting a pussypass, but black people expect tolerance to their bullshit because if you dont your a racist piece of shit. Im spanish. I have blackfamily. Im by no means racist. But there is a substantial amount of blacks feeling they deserve some tolerance for their thug ass kids. Call me what you want but i have no patience for it anymore.

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