Boycott of Gillette Seems to Bear Fruit

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      Boycott of Gillette Seems to Bear Fruit

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      This makes me happy. I can’t believe people have allowed themselves to be ripped off by purchasing those ridiculously overpriced things for so long anyway.

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      The Schick Hydro 5 is my nigger. Gotta shave this fat bald head somehow, so I have to pay the price. I have a Gillette Sensor, but it’s like 500 years old. If there are another brand razors that would fit it, I would buy those instead.

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        I know!! I’ve bought the cheap store brands and they suck! They always nick my skin and I’ve got some really long, boney legs to shave…sucks having shaving scabs everywhere. Don’t even get me going on the underarm cuts. Ouch!

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      Lord Wankdust

      I use Gillette Contour. Have done for over thirty years. Bought thirty packs of ten razor re-fill cartridges a decade or so ago when they decided to stop making them in the UK. Still got half of the packs left. I shave three times a week and carefully only use cold water (hot water warps the blade) and change the blade cartridge every two or three months as required. The packs I bought were reduced to pennies back in 2006 or so, as the “Gillette Contour shaving system” was being “retired”. It didn’t retire. I still use them, but I don’t have to buy the blades any more.
      Instead Gillette in desperation started making 3 and 5 bladed razors (?) and charging the Earth for the blades. Then the fuck-up advertising campaign. They are tomorrow’s landfill.
      Fuck Gillette.

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      Sadly I can’t see the original post.

      But since that commercial I stopped by Gillette and all multi bladed razors for that matter. Since then, I moved onto the safety razor and I’m glad I did. It’s so much better for my skin, personally.

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      Mr Spock

      I don’t use Gillette anymore. I use “HARRY’S”
      Cheaper and more effective and they don’t make annoying videos.

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      Screw razors, ladies. Use an epilator. It hurts at first. Worth it. I haven’t shaved in almost a year.

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