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      Boycott Gillette As Company Gets on Man Bashing Bandwagon

      Email sent:

      I am writing to inform you that I am severely discontented with this “Best Men Can Be” ad. I will not simply sit in quiet acceptance while myself and other men are demonized, patronized, and belittled by an advertisement for a male hygiene product. Gillette has lost my business until an apology is issued, be it forever if it must.


      Here’s the disgusting video spreading the misandrist message:

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      Gillette - The Best a Maam Can Get

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      Fuck those niggers, I use a Schick Hydro. For my face and my fat bald head.

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      The agency that created the ad is owned by Jew Lawrence Valenstein – now you see why the ad features morally superior negros stopping the evil white guy from chasing a woman.


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      Muja Mi Rona

      The ad screams sarcastic satire by the vid makers at me. Maybe it’s just our humour over here far west to see it as such. Seems like an absolute piss-take. The topic was given talk-radio airtime here though as well.

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      gillette hate men.
      mgtow hate women.
      same brush. same tar. same assholes.

      Psalm 118:8 It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.

      take one look at this fucked world and you can see why.

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        MGTOW don’t hate women. MGTOW understand women and feel sorry for them.

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          if mgtow understood women then they would teach them how to be good women worthy of marriage.

          Titus 2:3 The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;
          4 That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,
          5 To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.

          a whore doesn’t need your pity. she needs a good teacher.

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          @svarg26 the system is rigged against men. Men are oppressed and under a threat of violence from the system – be it by imprisonment or death – upon mere accusation from a woman. By “teaching” a woman, a man would be exposing to a threat of false accusation and with it, impeding violence against his person. It’s dangerous for men to get involved in any capacity with women, and MGTOW understand it. When the game is rigged, the only way not to lose is not to play. Which is the way of a smart man. It’s the only way. It’s the red pill way.

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          i understand that the system is rigged. but i also understand that they rigged the system and then offered you a solution in the form of a red pill. the best way to beat the system is to flip it the bird, trust your judgement and live without fear.

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          @svarg26 they didn’t offer the solution. They try to hide it, and punish everyone who speaks of it. These efforts to prevent men from finding their way to it continue to this day, as MGTOW YouTube channels continue being shut down, demonetized, delisted, or otherwise targeted. The solution was discovered by the victims despite the attacks and the systematic suppression.

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          @happy i have no idea why mgtow youtube channels are getting targeted. it might be because of all the anti-establishment talk, which i assume goes on a lot on those pages. it certainly doesn’t mean that mgtow have found the holy grail of truth. the victims didn’t discover the solution. the solution is to teach young women the importance of virtue. turning away from women is not the answer. teaching them the scriptures is. when done right it rarely fails.

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          @svarg26 what you don’t seem to understand is that it’s impossible to do for reasons I have outlined above – the system is gynocentric. You can’t teach women virtue. That would be perceived as toxic masculinity by forcing women to be what they do not want to be and it would get you targeted for elimination by the system. Women these days falsely accuse men of rape for way less than talking to them, let alone trying to teach them something. And the system readily obliges.

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          @happy i understand that the system is gynocentric. that’s why it’s important to seek out a church that teaches the true gospel. there you will find many virtuous women that will not target you for elimination with false accusations. it’s not only unfair on those women but it’s unfair on you to miss out on that opportunity, just because a few unlucky men got fucked by ungodly whores and the beast system. simply remove yourself from the system. not all churches participate in it. how long can a red pill really compete with the chance to experience the love of a life long partner?

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          Empty soul


          Human beings operate on incentives for the most part. They are influenced to behave and act in certain ways based upon a system of punishment/reward and because such systems differ between countries and peoples the behaviour of people differs as well.

          In the Muslim world for example women obey men because not doing so will be met with punishment whereas in the current white western world the script is flipped and it is men who get punished for not obeying the will of women and therein lies the problem in that when one side holds total and unequivocal socio-political power over the other they tend to abuse it as a matter of course and all sense of fairness and morality gets discarded in favour of single minded self pursuit.

          At this moment in time the race card and the female card holds fantastical abilities and powers of influence within the white western world and can be used to force open many doors that are locked to the vast majority of people, namely white working class men.

          Such cards act as a cheat code if you will then in that it allows them to bend reality and skip levels just like a cheat code in a computer game.

          Anyway. To get to the point. You are right that men need to distance themselves from women in order to mount a fight back. In fact it is what is currently happening in Silicon Valley right now.

          Women have been complaining about Silicon Valley a lot recently because meritocracy being what it is and not what libtards want it to be means that most higher level workers and bosses there tend to be men and these men are hiring less women now because they don’t want to create an environment of fear for the majority of male workers that tend to dominate these tech industries.

          They are also not socialising with female workers anymore because they fear being accused of rape by women looking for an easy route to promotion and this lack of socialising automatically means less promotion opportunities for women by default.

          The modern world I might add is tech oriented and is becoming more and more so as the years go by which means more and more men are going to be the dominators of future employment once again like they were before in the world of heavy industry.

          Women are going to find then that men will hold the whip hand over them in time to come and revenge will be on many of their lips much to the detriment of women.

          The above is where it stands right now. However @svarge26 does have a point and a reasonable argument when he says you need to teach women to act in certain ways and it comes back to the reward/punishment thing again.

          Women who seek to lie, cheat and destroy men to get ahead need to be punished hard for their behaviour whilst women who play fair need to be rewarded via equal access/equal treatment.

          The above is not that different to punishing criminals whilst rewarding good social behaviour. You can’t punish everyone regardless of individual behaviour because they belong to a certain group you hate you have to draw a line in the sand and address each side of it differently lest you create more of the same shit you came to hate in the first place.

          To conclude.

          Men have to distance themselves from women as a first step then in order to take back control but at some point there will need to be a bridge created between men and women that allows future interaction to take place on an equal footing and this will have to take the form of an incentive driven punishment/reward system that favours meritocracy within a system based on equality of opportunity.

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          I already said everything Happy just said, to svarge. He IS gynocentric. RELIGION is gynocentric. He is a white knight simpering fool who bases his value on female approval. Svarges whole life revolves around the human female. He is a slave and can’t see it. Stockholm syndrome indeed.

          And empty soul, just last year was telling me, we need to lead women and not turn our backs on them. I say fuck them then and now. They made their bed and are fully capable adults who can handle accountability.

          By coddling women, you all absolve them of agency and basically treat them as children. You all have some sexual dominance dysfunction when it comes to females. Hence your superior nostalgic yearning for some subservient women….. and mommy.

          MGTOW, lucky for women and everyone else, is full of mangina pussy worshiping simps so the label will and is becoming watered down. The true way, is walk away. Let society and women fix their own mess.

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          Empty soul


          I do believe I said that any future interaction needs to take place on an equal footing and this will have to take the form of an incentive driven punishment/reward system that favours meritocracy within a system based on equality of opportunity.

          The above argument puts women neither above or below men. In fact it puts them on an equal and level playing field with men.

          Look. I am not going to create an argument that makes women my sex slaves and lets me build my own personal harem, I would join Islam if I wanted to do that. Nor am I going to make an argument that seeks to act out revenge on all women without any consideration of future practicalities.

          What I will do is argue against gender based preferential treatment, gender bias and gender based hypocrisy. What I will do is argue for male rights and male equality of opportunity that puts them alongside what women are offered and receive from society.

          If the above doesn’t fit or sit well with you then tough shit. I seek to create balance and fairness, not to push the pendulum to the opposite extreme because all that will do is cause it to once again swing back with vengeance.

          Your answer is to kick the can down the road for future generations whereas my answer is to create a system of balances and checks that provides for a more balanced, equal and better future.

          To conclude. I have my own way of looking at things and I do things my own way but at the end of the day I am still fighting the same battle as you.

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          @Empty soul you can not reason with these homocentrics. they hate women and are afraid of them. hitler loved women. he knew the importance of women in society and in the family unit. he created a system based on christian values and it worked. everyone was happy. mgtow faggots forget this or choose to ignore it. they say it’s impossible. i say they are full of shit. let them have their red pill. fucking homos.

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          if paul elam said it then it must be true. who the fuck is paul elam again? should we all divorce and go full gaytard? will we all grow balls or just suck on balls? should memes guide my life over the bible? so many questions and yet no answers. waits patiently to be called a cuck, simp or mangina. i am sure you have a meme for that.

          followers of jesus christ are hated by mgtow because we have found true happiness in the lord and in our wives.

          “Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord.” – Proverbs 18:22

          they fucking hate us for that.

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          Corinthians 7:8

          So I say to those who aren’t married and to widows—it’s better to stay unmarried, just as I am

          Jesus himself was a MGTOW. I rest my case.

          Proverbs 31

          Give not thy strength unto women, nor thy ways to that which destroyeth kings.

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          1 Corinthians 7:7-9
          “7 For I would that all men were even as I myself. But every man hath his proper gift of God, one after this manner, and another after that.
          8 I say therefore to the unmarried and widows, it is good for them if they abide even as I.
          9 But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn.”

          in context, if you are to remain celibate, you best be putting your undivided service in god then. i wish you all the luck and say god bless you in your journey.

          i told yunghitler that true christians were the original mgtow. he didn’t agree. god says not to live in fear and to choose wisely. i am glad that we are finally getting somewhere.

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          I Was just explaining above that you can meet some great single **Ladies** At Volunteer organisations that are funded by most churches. And most of the females there come from there local churches to volunteer a couple days a week. So if they start doing the same, they will meet the right type of good clean Ladies looking for more than just sex.

          Also,,, I Love Reading your Bible Passages because i have always had a hard-time interpreting lots of what is said, but you take the time to explain-it in detail.
          Love ya, & Thanks Man,,,
          My Good B G Brother. 🙂

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          YOU WILL Find Your True Soulmate Mark, **If You Go to the Places I Listed Above Brother**, and you will be so incredibly happy, and with a family of your own, that you will never feel more fulfilled in your life. But I Will Have To Be Your Best Man, at Next Summers 2020’s Wedding. 🙂 So You Must Go Mark, You Must, As They Are All There.

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          if you noticed i came up with my own meme because the lord inspired me to be a leader and not a brainwashed follower of men.

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          Woe-Woe,,, @svarg26 is no fool, and not gynocentric (which is not even a word to begin with) whatsoever. He is just Saying that if you want a Good Women in a Bar, or on The Internet is Certainly Not Where You Will Find One. So Many Beautiful Single, & Lonely Women Belong to Volunteer Organisations, right In Your Home Towns. You Will Find Them At Your Local Soup Kitchen,,, The Public Library,,, or Even At A Men’s Shelter!

          These Are Great Places To Start, if you Do Not Want To Attend Church Itself, But Want To Meet The Type Of Woman That Still Wears Long Dresses, and Blush if You Even say “The Mildest” of Sexual jokes. And because they are Funded by Local Churches, all These Ladies Come From One Church Or Another. So @svar26 Talking about Pure, & Well Brought-Up (*Ladies*) Big Difference Here Guys, Than your Average Fouled-Mouth Beer Swigging Sluts, type of Girls.

          And They Are Praying Everyday that Jesus Will Send A Good, Decent, & Respectful Individual, or (A Real Man) there way, to love, cherish, & respect for lifetime. But,,, Are You That Type Of Man Ready To Do Your Part, And Be That Good Husband, & Father To Her??? ARE YOU??? Or, are you just the type that just want to (Fuck-Em in The Ass) than move-on elsewhere, Because she might not be the *Dirty-Porn-Star*, in bed cause remember they will be super shy with no experience so you must be Patient, (Respectful) Understanding, and Take Baby Steps at it. But They Won’t Just Miraculously Appear On Your Lap, They Are There & waiting for the Right Guy to Marry, and have a Nice Family With?

          And Mark,,, @happy,,, @vincitomniaveritas My Dear Brother I Can Guaranty You (With 100% Certainty) That You Will Find The Right One In No Time With Your Kind Heart,,, Good Looks,,, And The Strong Family Values That You Inherited From Such Great, and Devoted 2 Parent Family like yours. And i think that you are ready, so give these places above a shot, it will get you out of the house a couple days a week and it’s fun to volunteer as you go at your own pace, chat, and You Will Meet Dozens Of Decent, Hard-Working Ladies That Are Looking For You.

          But You @lYUNGHITLERl You Are Still **Way Too Young And Foolish** So Do Not Go With Mark, and Scare Off All These Good **Ladies** Just Stick To The Bubble-Headed-Bleach-Blondes Or Girls For Now, as Mom Will Let You Know When You’re Ready ok dude?? Just some friendly advice from an Old Man Who’s Been Around & Had Lots-O-Experience With Da-Ladies, & Yes Da-Girls Too, as your time will come, when you finally mature and will look for **Ladies* instead of general, run of the mill woman.

          Now Say Your Sorry To @svarg26 for calling him a Fool,,, Then put-on your plastic glove,,, give yourself a prostate massage while watching a porn, and pulling your rope. You Know,,, Just More Of The Usual. 😉

          I Am just playing with you my Younger B G Brother @lYUNGHITLERl ! 🙂

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        And svarge WORSHIPS women like a simp with no dignity.

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          turning a whore into a housewife is one of the most noble things a man can do. it’s also righteous, virtuous, good, honorable, upright, upstanding, decent, worthy, moral, ethical, reputable, magnanimous, unselfish, generous, self-sacrificing and brave.

          certainly nothing a simp would do. a simp would listen to the words of man and follow it like the gospel.

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          Svarge, Simp = someone idolizing mediocre pussy- YOU!

          And everyone knows you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife…… lmmfao you cuck.

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          homo = you and every other dumb cunt that is afraid of women. fight the power and suck a dick.

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          Mr Spock


          I respectfully disagree with your comment:
          “turning a whore into a housewife is one of the most noble things a man can do. it’s also righteous, virtuous, good, honorable, upright, upstanding, decent, worthy, moral, ethical, reputable, magnanimous, unselfish, generous, self-sacrificing and brave.”

          Er, no. It’s not a privilege or duty for a man to take a whore from the cock carousel and turn her into marriage material (after she has been defiled by several other men and is therefore like a used car). A decent man wants and deserves a girl who is the female equivalent of him, or at least has a similar life journey. Now this may be hard to get (because the female gender can’t produce that easily) but then he keeps his dignity rather than settles for something that requires too much effort.

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          i was using mgtow speak. a whore just refers to any woman.

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      Every generation of kids is getting more and more pussified than the last… I can only imagine what the kids of all these SJWs and whatnot putting out adds like this, screaming about what gender they are and equality will be like when they become adults…

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      i think both men *and* women can be better. and i wouldn’t be insulted by a commercial stating this. i’m with @svarg26 on this topic. be a leader, not a follower. then, i am a woman that actually isn’t bothered by “toxic masculinity”. i get shit for thinking men should be men. i’d never look twice at a man who claims to be a “feminist”. we all know men say this to get into the panties, for the most part, anyway. both genders have their issues. pros and cons. can’t live with em, can’t murder em and live happily ever after. a shame, sometimes. 😀

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        Yes, I would have less of a problem with this advert if there were an accompanying one that stressed the importance of teaching girls not to be terrible people also. And not just the kind of feminist bullshit that tells girls that they ‘don’t need no man’ or that they ‘can be or do whatever they want, hooray’ but one that actually focused on how they treat people including the opposite gender like this one does.

        Better yet, why don’t we just focus on teaching ALL kids not to be fuckers? Crazy idea, I know…


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          fairly sure that’s what my comment stated. we’re saying the same shit, only using different words. 🙂

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          I’m aware that your comment was similar, I was agreeing with you. When someone agrees with you, their comment can often be similar to yours 😉 Sometimes it’s hard to tell around here, granted!

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      Mr Spock


      This advert was simply toe-curling, dorky, cringworthy and patronising towards men.
      I almost fell off my seat laughing in pity and embarrassment for men all over the world.

      So, by this advert’s definition, my masculinity must be almost perfect or at least very good, since I don’t do any of the corrected behaviour in the ad, that men are accused of doing.

      But guess what? I don’t use Gillette razors, haven’t been doing so for a year. Gillette is not the best a man can get. Buy Harry’s. Cheaper, smoother, and friendlier. I didn’t have to wait until Gillette did a silly advert for me for them to lose my business. They lost it from having an overpriced and overrated product.

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      Gillette originally had a scene in the commercial showing a black rapper participating in “toxic masculinity” by grabbing booty. But that went against the desired Zionist agenda, so the ad was replaced with an updated version showing exclusively white men participating in “toxic masculinity”.

      Here’s CBS doing toxic female privilege enforcing bit showing the original version of the commercial:

      This guy did a video on the matter:

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      Boycott of Gillette is working. The P&G sales of Gillette products are collapsing down:


      8% decline is more than I expected given most of this inventory would have been sold into the system by the time the feminazi ad ran. Next quarter the real carnage should show up.

      I also boycott Tide, Cascade, Bounty, Crest, Pantene, and other P&G products.

      Keep up the good fight!

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      Try doing that with Israeli products! You will be hung, drawn and quartered. I can remember when Australia had balls and boycotted South Africa when it had an apartheid gov,yes I know many of you agreed with the Apartheid gov!

      Anyway ,with regards to my story, now Australia is scared to boycott Israel. We are in an election campaign period and both parties immediately said that their policies are pro-Israel. One candidate on the Labour side (Dems) said Israel has done wrong and was immediately dumped by the party.

      I believe what is good for the goose is good for the gander. If Australia boycotted South Africa then ,we should have the balls to boycott Israel now!

      Dickless vassals.. that is what we are.

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      Gillette takes $8 Billion writedown. We did it, boys. But don’t give up. Keep boycotting P&G everywhere you can. Educate other men and inspire them to boycott P&G as well. Never forget – P&G made an add suggesting all men are predators that love to commit crimes, sexually assault women, and be generally violent toward one another.


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        Empty soul


        To be fair you are slightly wrong on this one, Mark. Gillette did not suggest that all men are predators. They suggested that white men are predators because the black men in that advert kept holding the white men back and stopping them from becoming the sexual fiends they naturally are. The women also sought safety behind them as well because only a strong black man can protect them from a lust-filled white male monster.

        I do always make a point of boycotting companies that hate me, or at least pretend to hate me for woke points, so this is good news.

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        Gillette CEO Gary Coombe says $8 billion loss is ‘price worth paying’ and that you have to risk upsetting a ‘small minority’: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/gillette-ceo-8-billion-loss-is-price-worth-paying-over-metoo-campaign

        P&G was massively profitable everywhere except for Gillette. Looking at the sheets, it was 5+B debt, negative revenue from Gillette, which canceled out all their profits from every other part of P&G and left them negative for the quarter.

        I say we pump those losses up. I’m never buying another P&G product, let alone Gillette for the rest of my life.

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          Empty soul

          Gillette CEO Gary Coombe is going to be fired soon. Watch this space.

          Companies are not in business to lose money and he seems like a specialist in failure. For one thing he confuses the majority for the “small minority” when it is the other way around. Not knowing your own market is a cardinal sin in the world of business.

          Soyboy libtards are all growing trendy facial hair these days anyway and wearing man buns. This is not the audience for shaving products.

          Gary Coombe may be happy and willing then to keep losing money but I bet P&G is not. He will be gone within 6 months.

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