Brazilian Cartoonist Aroeira is Being Sued Over Netanyahu/Bolsonaro Cartoon

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    Brazilian Cartoonist Aroeira is Being Sued Over Netanyahu Bolsonaro Cartoon

    War criminal Benjamin Netanyahu attended Brazil president’s Jair Bolsonaro’s inauguration, making it the first time sitting Israeli prime minister visited Brazil. Brazil has been plagued by many Jew puppet presidents, but none comes anywhere near Jair Bolsonaro. He’s like a Brazilian version of Dear Leader Trump. During the meeting, Netanyahu and Bolsonaro called each other brothers. Bolsonaro reiterated his commitment to transfer the Brazilian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Netanyahu invited him to Israel and Bolsonaro promised to visit soon.

    So when a cartoonist noticed the puppet president hand in glove with the world’s greatest war criminal, he put it in the picture. Brazilian Jews, who couldn’t be happier to get the biggest puppet of Jews in Brazil for the president, filed the lawsuit against Aroeira.

    Remember – if the cartoonist drew an offensive cartoon of Prophet Mohammad, or anything of sorts, all NPCs would be claiming free speech, but as soon as an expression piece exposes Jews, it’s hate speech.

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    It will only get worse for truth-telling. These zioyankeenatostanis pick and choose their victims. They blame Assange so much they hound him to death but they have never gone after the big papers in Spain,Italy ,France ,Germany and maybe The UK who printed out EXACTLY what he did.
    They are Establishment you see , untouchable but one man ,no problems ,an easy target.Scum. They are lucky the clever ones are powerless because if it was otherwise there would be public whippings of the Establishment-types.

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    Seraphim Serenata
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    That’s pretty clever cartoon…stupid people sue but whatever keeps idle hands busy I suppose

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