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    I’m not even British, nor do I live in the UK, but I still found myself utterly overjoyed by the Brexit, and by the step-down of David “my values are Jewish values” Cameron.

    Despite the overwhelming propaganda against Brexit, despite the fear-mongering and threats and accusations of racism and every other name the leftists could contrive, Britain took control of its own future.

    Though I’m bamboozled by Soros and fellow Zionists not rigging the referendum, like they rigged the Scottish referendum. It truly makes me wonder why they allowed this to happen?

    I wasn’t born yesterday to not know that if voting made any difference at all, it would be illegal. So I’m on the fence on whether the fact that just because the Brits didn’t have receipt-less electronic voting machines like the US uses for rigged elections, and the “elite” couldn’t easily rig it with paper ballots, that maybe the people are finally starting to wake up and take control?

    This could very well have been a patronizing band-aid – those in the position of power know they need to give the masses a win every once in a while to keep them calmed down, especially in times of global political awakening like is happening right now. A false sense of victory may lull the masses back to the pink world, before the pressure that’s been on them could spark a revolution.

    Either way, Soros and Co. have surely already planned for this contingency, and have mechanisms in place to use it to their full advantage. Eternal vigilance is therefor necessary. Don’t let the small victory sheepify you. We’re not free until were’ free.

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    Paper ballot plus the very simple and effective Pen to cross it with.
    The Pen truly is mightier than the sword.

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      If the pen is mightier then the sward, then why is history always written by the winning side?

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        I believe you answered your own question.

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    …. touché

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    Voted out. Farage is the only Politian I will listen to….

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