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      ***Last week’s referendum in the UK whether the country should leave the European Union or not was a close call but resulted in a EU-free zone for Britain. The reactions of this outcome varies, even among pro-Whites residing within or outside Europe, although most people who are fairly knowledgeable about the subject and have their country and people at heart tend to be against it. We at This is Europa certainly are.

      However, we argue from a very simple standpoint. While some argue from an economic perspective or simply from the principle that they do not want their country to be ruled by some foreign suits in Brussels, we argue mainly from a demographic perspective even though we also agree with the former standpoints. To us, EU means only one thing – more non-stop Third World immigration and our people becoming a minority in our own countries.

      Granted, cooperation among European nations is of course a good thing, perhaps even a necessary thing, but EU (in its present form) is not about cooperation. EU has become, if it has not always been, a tool for ruling politicians which enables them to force European countries into opening their borders to non-stop immigration, predominantly from the Third World. They influence how many immigrants we have to accept into our countries, how our economics and resources should be divided and so on. All member states are required to have immigration, it is against the law to protect one’s borders sufficiently (not that our anti-White leaders would want to do that anyway) and to solve the current crisis in Europe. If any nation goes against this, we can expect harsh threats and attempts to extort any country that takes any kinds of actions against the immigration problems. The fact there is a law against stopping immigration, and that any country that would ignore this law shall be economically pressured, is one example of how force is used against nations to accept immigration, which is one of the ways White genocide is being done, as opposed to the more direct approach like working to get Turkey accepted as a member state which would allow 80 million Turks free access to Europe.

      Hungary is perhaps one of the most recent and most obvious examples. All they did was building a fence at their borders to try and halt immigration (2015 was a record year in many ways in terms of immigration, which has already reached its breaking point long ago as even authorities can no longer control it). Protecting one’s borders is a right that any nation ought to have, yet they are currently being demonized and pressured by media and the EU elite alike. This is how the anti-White establishment works.

      This is why the EU in its current form is anti-White. And that is why EU has to go, and why Brexit could not have come any sooner. However, we can imagine a European Union in a pro-White form, as long as it would not mean that individual nation states would lose control over their own policies and best interest of their people. But as this is not the case today, we need EU to be abolished. After all, in order to rebuild something one must first demolish the old and rickety foundation in its place.

      No one can predict the definite outcome of Brexit. Our guess is that more EU member states will reconsider their involvement in the EU and perhaps hold referendums of their own. Our prediction is that we will continue to see Eastern Europe setting the standard in terms of dealing with immigration, and we will see more Western countries opening up to the idea as the problems in the West will only get worse. What we could witness in the near future is an anti-EU domino effect across all of Europe. This would be a victory for us, as without the Schengen agreement and the like, there would be no more laws forcing European nations to accept mass immigration. Granted anti-White leaders would most likely not halt immigration completely in such a scenario, but it may be a step towards the right direction, even though it is important to remember that the main problem we are facing is the manifested anti-White mentality that is especially strong among our ruling elite.

      So let us continue to support similar propositions such as Brexit and to do anything we can to make this anti-EU domino effect taking hold to the point of no return for the anti-White establishment.***

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