Brit Billionaire Richard Mason finds out all his three boys are not his!

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      Should the Pom stop loving them and break off all contact?

      Should he pursue suing his ex-wife -embarrassing her beyond belief- even if it upsets those three boys?

      Remember ,three boys in a row not his. Is she a sly slut or not?

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      his older boy [22] has given an interview this week, describing his heart-tearing pain… the guy is his dad – he fukin loves the guy, his dad, who loved him and bought him up… now he finds out Richard is not his biological dad.
      Imagine the pain and confusion the boy is going through? and of course “his” 19year old twin boys will be going through the same.

      A fuking vile and repulsive bitch indeed… that she would do this to her children?

      My heart goes out to Richard,… AND especially “his” three sons. Cant imagine what they are going through

      The “mother”? [and i use the word VERY loosly] she deserves to fuckin burn

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        The “mother” lives in the same small staffordshire town, about ten miles SSE of Stoke-on-trent as my mother does [10.000pop.] in a nice 5bed house [divorce settlement + years of fraudulent mainanance payments im guessing]. The first interview the kid gave was to a small local paper – my mum read it to me over the phone [this is the interview i referenced]

        Apparently, according to the bigger -more pussy whipped/pc- newspapers reporting, the son mentions that the father [richard] was “manipulative”, and they have less to do with him now….. but still report that the boy has “no interest” in seeking or knowing the “real” father – which speaks for itself imo

        Me feels the “mothers” influence in his interviewing/RE-telling to the bigger national papers.

        A man and “his” kids have their hearts torn….. yet the big “red-tops” get/adapt the story….. and all of a sudden the man is being blamed.

        sounds legit.

        Wonderful fucking society we are living in these days, eh?

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      Unbelievable @karmen40. It is exactly as i expected. The children still love their Dad and i am sure the Dad still loves his children.

      It takes a special type of evil to pass off someone else’s child three fucken times!

      Once.. I can understand if not agree with; panic sets in.
      Yet she did it two or three times. She needs stripping naked,hair shorn and public birching .

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      that’s just not right.

      if i were a man i’d never, ever, ever believe a word out of a woman’s mouth about birth control. i’d always wear a condom, or make sure that i was in the damned room when the woman had an IUD or implant put in. then on top of that, i’d be putting the pill in her food. and i’d make sure to get any kids that were planed for tested to make sure they were mine. if not, i’d be out. bitches be trippin’.

      sincerely. that’s fucked.

      i’d hate to be a man and have no choice in things like that.

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        I know a once well-known athlete whose wife publically admits she did not take her pill on purpose to trap him into marriage. He is a relative of a friend of mine . Hahah .
        Bitches be bitches!

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        Maybe his dick & nuts were just broken, and he could not provide any viable jizz?
        The whore took it on herself to provide a solution that can be brilliant or horrible 😉

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          Possible lol. Yet , if true unlikely the father would kick up a fuss at this stage. Most men i think would look the other way and keep their mouth shut as long as it was the only way to get the wife pregnant. It has been done many times before in history exactly like that.


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      i don’t understand why anyone would willingly raise someone else’s kids.

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        Well he already has to some degree and people adopt all the time.

        Also,once you have invested time and effort many still raise them because they feel like a parent because they have behaved like one. The bond is already formed and unshakeable.That is how i see it anyway.

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      I Thought that the Magazine *The Mirror* Was The Same As The National-Enquirer???

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