British Police Harassing Citizens During Quarantine

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      Imagine being an NPC who cheers this sort of authoritarianism in the name of “saving lives.”

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      Empty soul

      Yep. Although, the British police are a different kind of beast than the American ones.

      British police are basically civil servants in uniform. They’re tax collectors. They spend every waking moment thinking about how to extract money from the public and this usually takes the form of them laying traps, usually motoring traps, to then accuse the public of criminal action which then has to be met via financial penalty. Its like the protection rackets gangsters run in that regard.

      In the posted footage you see them harassing the public over Corona-based social rules but the end result is always financial penalty. In this case £50 is what they are hitting people with for “violating” Corona rules.

      They don’t actually go after real criminals anymore which is why our crimes rates are so high. They even turned a blind eye to Pakistani child rape gangs for over 20 years because they didn’t want to be seen to be racist. Thousands of white children raped and in some cases murdered by Paki filth all because the fuckers wanted to be politically correct.

      Make no mistake then. The police in the UK are not respected. Not at all. When we see them getting attacked in the street we just walk past without giving a shit.

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      Muja Mi Rona

      Thankfully in my town I haven’t heard of any of this kind of nonsense. Usually only see 2 pigs on foot patrol on my shopping trips. Done a 12k cycle to a beach the other day and didn’t see one bleedin pig or cop car, (maybe because it was an affluent area?). Seems to be much more strict in the UK.

      That last clip was funny. I’ll give the bitch props for that.

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        Empty soul

        The reason why the UK cops have caused uproar though is because they have obeyed the “minority” criminally inclined races and their areas and instead focused solely upon and attacked the white majority areas for their own money collecting purposes.

        They are letting niggers, paki and foreign scum in general away with crimes in order to persecute the white majority for reasons relating to profiteering.

        The above is the problem with the UK police. They were made to pick a side and they picked the wrong one.

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      Seems something from SCP Foundation personnel would do to their D-Class lmao

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      Fucking Arseholes. Are you not even allowed to be outside and going for a stroll on a beautiful sunny day in England. I Mean if you are alone, or a couple is it really that bad, and threatening the lives of others?? Like C’Mon man, that is getting way out of hand this Covid-19 bullshit lie.

      Almost the same amount of people die each year from upper respiratory ailments that include, but is not limited to Pneumonia, Cancer, and Asthma alone. And as always these ailments affect mostly the Senior Citizens. So W.T.F?

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