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      I tell myself everyday.

      Don’t give up…

      I’m tired of give you my tears.

      I can no longer cry.



      Eternally damned.

      No God watching over me.

      Nor a Blessing to receive.

      Your life…a faded memory.



      I can’t weep for you.

      I say it everyday.

      But like always…Tears will fall.

      While I think of you.



      The lose comes back.

      Cracking open the seals of emotions.

      And they will be all for you.

      These feeling that strangles all else.



      Shall I cry and show the world.

      Revealing…the pain.

      The unending yearning.

      That have led me to this.



      The decision I have to make.

      I’m not strong enough.

      A simple choice to give up.

      For then,and only then.



      Just give up the tears.

      I can no longer cry.

      I promise myself someday.

      I will be at peace.






      (Sitting at your grave today.)

      (Talking to you,staring at the headstone.)

      (Tracing your name with my finger.)

      (Holding a single red rose.)








      Some Broken Things…





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      For those who seem to be put together all perfectly so, I admire and envy you for you seem to better than me for I may or may not seem to be the one who gets everything that I want, but only due to my circumstances in life based it be on how I was brought into this world yet surrounded by strangers not knowing who I should trust, should I give those a chance despite knowing of the times I’ve given people a chance for they have betrayed my trust countless of times real or fake, or shall I fix my broken self to keep myself alive in hopes of a better future in hopes of meeting a girl as a straight guy myself who wishes to find love in this bleak and cold reality we call “life” which may bring some warmth to my life am I truly this weak I must rely on the internet for desensitization when necessary?

      The net that connects us all in life, outside or inside, living or dead online or offline for whatever intents or purposes do I serve? Nothing more than a by product of chance of nature’s or sciences’ circumstances or by the benevolence and malevolence of someone else’s God or Devil or of other supernatural beings or of natural events or based off the laws made by Humanity which leads to inhumanity at times, not certain of such things in life for death is more certain than life, if life & death is personified and the two shall meet as old friends or enemies Life would ask Death, “Why is it that everyone loves me but everyone hates you old friend?” Death would say, “Well you’re a beautiful Lie and I am a terrible Truth” but the two never try to kill one another for both seem to be in perfect harmony despite what we may think during our times of strife; even, for those who have perished in unjust ways by the cruel nature of the world or of humanity or inhumanity if you prefer whatever the Word or Idea may be, yet we must continue to live whether we be broken or fixed we must forbid ourselves of taking our own life otherwise we shall perish then due to reasons known or unknown with or without a trace of memory we will be a distant dream or memory or nightmare for others who care whether family, friends, and maybe strangers or acquaintances or anything of the sorts.

      The desire and the wish to kill but never the will to kill for I know the consequences of such actions lead to more destruction and more misery in life and death of those who remain alive and living, but if I ever decide to wish to die may I write a will leaving behind a legacy of understanding that we must all chose to live despite of how we feel of each other and of the world but hopefully it doesn’t come to that for those of us of understand that there truly are worse things in Life, for those who’ve died may be the lucky ones compared to the living depending on chance regardless of faith or lack of faith some have perished in ways imaginable or unimaginable for those who rightfully and or wrongfully chose to shelter themselves away from the shock-site culture created from the internet clear or dark for there are worse ways to go then suicide but I remain strong from such despair for we must prevail over our own thoughts and not fall for suicide as seductive as it may be at times create your own purpose in life even if it isn’t that impressive to others by their standards whether arrogance or ignorance or whatever human nature and nurture continue to live for it is the only thing worth living for Death may be worth it for others but I chose to live for better or for worse we must live.

      Well that might’ve been a shitty poetic message that I thought of while reading yours not to offend or to upset to try to continue your poetic theme only from my perspective may others from this website do the same so I can see what poetry interest the community from a morbid laid back and chill perspective dark or light I’ll let everyone else write their poems.

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      Questioning one’s Existence

      I think you are correct of such an assessment.

      For I still seek to find purpose in life otherwise if one does not seek purpose in life as they say, “One shall seek purpose in Death” and that could lead to Suicide yet I refuse such thoughts. For I must resist such things, so I can let the Angels sing.

      Death seems rather peaceful as terrifying as the potential ways to go that is, so I must continue to live for my own sake.

      As for the Birth of the World,
      Such Beauty met Chaos, as the Man and Beast of Life and Death and the struggle of it all, Man shall find Woman, Man shall find Man, Woman shall find Woman,
      And how it all goes according to plan, yet if things go awry one must recollect their thoughts of life and purpose for if one loses such things all hope could be lost.

      Self discover of oneself.

      If I lose my way, alone in the Light but within Darkness of my own mind, within the boundaries and confines of my mind, body, and Soul, well that is if I have a soul. As I listen to the Strangers of this world always Judging rightfully and wrongfully so, as if they were tearing me asunder for what? They are not Gods, Angels, Demons, or Devils for they do know maybe that is why we judge others the same as they judge me? As the same I judge you? For if I was the God of this world.. wait no, don’t fall into that folly for you know what could not be. One should not think of what goes beyond their control make peace with it even if the World seems to be at War with you as they say the Universe may be for you or against you, “thinking tends to make it so” borrowing from Shakespeare just a little bit more morbid though. From the times of Judgement and even before so there was no judgement just acceptance, but too much acceptance may never get anything done for it may leave you empty inside and wish for a bottle and a gun.

      Agreed with your point regret can be the deadliest seed to grow into now, for regret a simplest idea for if planted in one’s mind it will grow and grow and grow. What fruits will come from such a seed? For I do not want to know. For if such a seed was to grow into our minds it may lead to more unnecessary burdens.

      I do not normally make short poems in the rhythm form of way but I’ll keep practicing this was a form of excercise on my part plus I did enjoy the poem above from the original post and also wanted to add along with your theme @Deathdew just read this in a poetic way I think I follow more a poetic story instead of poem.

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      @DeathDew For the lead pill my friend there are times where I wouldn’t mind being met with such a fate whether through the chest or through the head above my neck, whatever emotional shifts prone to or not as straight and shy as I may be my thoughts internal speak volumes where I pace around and talk to myself in terms of thinking out loud, mind you, I don’t hear voices in my head of those who have multiple personality disorder or multiple personalities within order however that may seem, a lead pill seems to real for those who met such ills, yet alas I haven’t come into contact such dreams, memories, or made up fantasies within reality, as the reality I live I prefer to avoid such things for times I may be real or fake (even on here) but here has brought about an interesting alter ego within reason of necessary evil of course not one that I’ll express in life to others for they may not even understand and even if confronted with such reality I’ll fall into the world of psychology everyone finds “meaning” different from others this just happens to be ours momentarily as I say, “Through the ashes of life and death, within the fire of our hearts let them burn! Burn bright as the stars or as bright as the flames of a burning forest with nothing around it to be disturbed untouched from nature of human or animal or anything of the sorts a once beautiful peaceful Forrest burnt to the ground as dust settles through the ashes once more may life crawl out of these desecrate ashes to be reborn anew, alas the constant cycle of life and death certainty and uncertainty only those of us with the will to crawl out of the muck of our own doing or of the doing of others we must live otherwise we shall fall”

      And how the poetic story of our beautiful and or ugly lives whether we be alive inside or dead inside we must continue our path among those Alive, living, dying, or Dead for we do or do not know how it all may end or begin anew. Live! Live! Live I say or wither away and die or go out in a bang or whimper however you must go continue to live but be aware of our own doom and demise for no good deed goes unpunished and no bad deed goes without being rewarded however the contradiction, hypocrisy, or irony live good and see the full extent to life for however you can within your own boundaries, and for however long you have to live virtuous and or sinful forgetful and forgivable or not, just continue to live for your sake or the sake of others for we must face our reality and escape from reality when necessary all for the sake of balance. How shall we answer ourselves I do not know for I not a God but only a human.

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