Calgary woman crushed by own SUV in parkade

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      This was a friend of mine who forgot to put her car in park before grabbing her parking receipt. Result was her car rolled into ticket meter crushing her to death. Because she was saudi, the funeral insisted her corpse be shown. I couldn’t get a pic because that is a big no no, but her bloated, yet crushed body was paraded around during funeral service. RIP Rehana

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        That’s just awful!!! Im so sorry for the loss of your friend @earthy. RIP Rehanna.

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      High price to pay for a simple mistake. Sorry for your loss.

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      old post.. but shit what do yoh expect from Calgarians?… this happens 3x a week

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      Oh wow I’m sorry for your loss

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      Links of guns

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      So your saudi friend was moslem?
      Which means you were moslem?

      Was funeral all male or all female or so they take it in turns to mourn and see her off?

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      John Nigger

      I understand traditionally they don’t do much in the way of embalming the corpse or any restoration to improve the appearance of the remains.

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      Thanks @re-pete, it was a few years ago now. She apparently stepped out of the vehicle to get her pass and forgot to put the car in brake. The parking lot attendants found her 3 hours later. I can say with detachment now, the lack of blood circulating for so long, she was extremely bloated, eyes had literally separated from her head…such a mess. That was the first time I’d ever seen a dead body. Hard to see a friend like that, but also fascinating…does that sound weird? The Saudi funeral involves marching the body, regardless of it’s condition, through the procession. Attendees pay homage with gifts and flowers and kiss the hands or feet of the deceased. They had inserted her eyes back in, but the bloating and purple hue to the bloated body was something. All aspects of her death were a totally new experience for me.

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