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      Hi Y’all!
      I’m a nurse at a state psych hospital. Lately my work has been hell cause of one woman. She has completely hijacked the unit with her constant SEVERE self injuries whenever she doesn’t get her way. She is also anorexic. She has been transferred from place to place her whole life, and is now in her 30’s. Her family can’t stand her. She irritates the fuck out of me and we strongly dislike each other. I think she is a waste of space. She thinks I’m the biggest bitch because I pretty much ignore her attention seeking behavior. (It gets everyone else falling all over themselves to help her.) I used to be a serious self mutilator. No one knows, I would never mention it cause it was never for attention. I think that’s why I dislike her. I generally am more empathetic towards people hurting, and I like to think I am a good nurse.

      The thing with this chick is… she is pretty. She is smart, and funny, and everything awesome a single 30 year old blonde should be… about 25% of the time. If she was always like that, she could walk out tomorrow, and get a good job or a rich man in a week! But instead she has gotten worse. She gets positive feedback for bad things (attention, sympathy, meds, the MDs, the hot guys). When she is good she doesn’t get all that. I should mention she does not have a history of trauma, and I can’t change the way other staff reacts to her.
      I just see this very young lost soul who is going to grow out of this, (statistically we women almost always do) and will have wasted her life. I want to slap her.

      Soooo I was thinking of a post I saw here some weeks ago. It was by a woman who had pretty much gotten over her self injury, fallen in love, had a child, has a life. After another bad day with this girl I wonder – short of her falling in love – what can inspire her to change? I’ve truly helped BAD cutters to gtfo of the hospital and do great. But with her I’m at a loss.

      Tldr: I need to know what makes people stop cutting. And I need someone to set me straight on cutting.

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      What exactly do you need to know and be set straight on?
      There’s lots of info on the net

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      it is basically an addiction, same as any drug addiction, release of dopamine a high…..

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