Canadian Woman Gets Bucket of Mop Water Dumped on Her for Splashing Guy

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      At Lawrence East train station in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a woman splashed a guy with water, who in turn dumped a whole mop bucket on her.

      Being the feminist capital of the world, it goes without saying that you don’t challenge female privilege in Canada. Needless to say, pussy whipped Canadian cops are now looking for the guy who merely reciprocated, while the woman gets a pussy pass for instigating the response.

      Note how aware she is of female privilege when she says she’s going to call the cops even though the video shows her assaulting the guy. The best part of the commentary is the “chill, chill, chill, chill, chill…” part.

      you may actually know this place. Have you been at that train station before?

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      Lol, man,, did he ever nail her good with that filthy water, and well deserved might i add. Although i have been to T.O. it has been many many years ago bro. It’s way to violent, especially on the subways, & train stations, where many assaults and robberies occur.

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        But to answer your question Mark, i could have easily have been there as all these stations tend yo look alike.

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          Yeah, I kind of thought to myself after posting this, that even if you do go to Toronto from time to time, you probably don’t use their public transportation system @thedre

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      I have been there! 8th grade class trip to Toronto, by train! spent entire year selling m&m’s to pay for that trip. wrote about it once in a little something I titled “she sells swedish fish by the front door”

      was mostly about Kevin though, had big crush on him till he puked up in CN(?) tower

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      So he threw water on her… and? Oh, that’s all? I actually looked online to make sure that the police were actually involved in this petty bullshit. Apparently, they are petty as hell as they really are looking for the guy. It mentioned floor-cleaning chemicals which does seem more serious but still, if she went home and showered and she’s not blind or her skin didn’t rot off, then she’s fine. It seems like they’re strangers. He over-reacted. Maybe he was already having the worse day ever. If a woman had thrown the water, I’d say she over-reacted too. But, basically it’s just two humans acting stupid.

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      Empty soul


      You forgot to add the nigger equation into it as subways and train stations tend to have a strange effect on them wherein even the most well behaved nigger turns into a turnstile gazelle.

      Perhaps the lack of sunlight whilst being in such close proximity to others confuses their biological clock and sends them into heat.

      In the above then, the black woman in the footage may have just been trying to force interaction so as to mate with the male but the male not being black and therefore not affected by the subway mating season wanted none of it and so threw a bucket of water over her as you would with a overly excited rutting cat.

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        laughing my ass off @empty that was one truly hilarious read! however I think it is all one giant misunderstanding, he was being nice guy. she just missed train to Niagara falls

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        Lord Wankdust

        @Empty soul

        You’re so fucking right. The she-bitch was in heat, her steaming hot minge was in convulsions for cock and that poor guy was for none-of-it! She was gonna find a victim or two somewhere and he knew he had to step in. Thank fuck he did.
        I once went to Edinburgh Zoo to see the Giamt Pandas which they rent from China. Apparently the She-Panda was in heat and trying to attack the male with her massive fizzing Panda-Cunt. Now because Pandas just don’t fuck regularly, they are very rare… and as a consequence Males rarely meet Females and their horn-cycles tend not to cross over very often. This further thwarts the whole Panda-Fucking scenario to a once-in-a-lifetime-Event. They really have to take a bit of getting-to-know-each-other before breeding can take place. I travelled up to Edinburgh the day after the news of the Female-Panda being in heat broke on Reporting Scotland on TV. I was not going to miss out on seeing some live-action Panda-Fucking or even recording some Panda-Porn for later use.
        The Man-Panda had been righteously fucking weirded-out by this aggressive Female-Panda with a fizzing, cock-hungry Panda-Cunt. He had taken to hiding in a dense shrub so that he could avoid the dripping minge of his female cage mate. The zoo keepers eventually gave up on some kinda Panda-Fuck Frenzy happening and instead put in a special bath of water for the She-Panda to dip her burning-hot Panda Cunt in, to reduce her Panda-Cock hunger frenzy. I filmed a lot of the She-Panda dipping her cunt into the pool, walking away (amidst clouds of steam) and then returning a few minutes later to repeat the process.
        We are not so far away from the animals as we like to think. This scenario in the Toronto Underground bears that out. That guy was the equivalent of one of those Edinburgh Zoo-keepers, by cooling off the woman’s hot, cock-hungry cunt he may have saved many men from a Fate worserer than Death.
        We should ALL thank him.

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        @empty-soul Damn, empty. I didn’t even notice it was a black chick, lol. I may have watched that when I was a bit tired.

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      Itsplaster at it again. She is unaware how “petty” the world is when it cones to males. She continually dismisses male misandry and still says they both were wrong. Lol. The male was invited, reacted, done! That’s the real world. If that was a white woman, boy would he been fucked up. This stuff is typical all over boys. It’s hatred of males and sometimes its subtle, like itsplaster above. Stay safe

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        @llyounghitlerll Well in my opinion, it is petty to chase down a guy for throwing water on someone. The world may not agree. It would be a better world if that was seen as petty; so sue me for being optimistic.

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          Sorry I don’t think he should done that Hun it’s just Immature and petty and I think the idiot above has a big chip on his shoulder and a problem with you I wouldn’t even go there with him Hun you don’t need to explain your reasons why we all have diff opinions I can deal with yours even though don’t agree

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      GDPR Harvester

      Honestly, I’m more concerned with what the person taking the video was saying.

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