Can't watch the videos because I can't see the video player. Invisible

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      Hi I’m not sure if this is the place to post this but I have this problem where no video player is present.
      You can clearly see an area reserved for the video but the video itself is invisible. It’s just a simple black square area in the place of the video.

      Can anyone help me?
      Thank you.

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      Vertical videos break the CSS for the player. Controls are there, but are a bit offset. I’ve been trying to get the programmer who made it fix it, but so far to no avail. Horizontal videos work the way they should.

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        That explains why some works like a charm while others not.
        Perhaps you can hire a new programmer?

        Anyways it’s not a deal breaker, I’ve been lurking here without registering for about 2 years so a small detail like this won’t push me away.

        Thank you for the responses, I hoep the website runs for many years.

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      I know… It’s a real bummer! I was so looking forward to some good, old fashioned ‘Kill Thrill Time’… I guess I’ll just watch some of my College Autopsy, and Evidential Recovery Lectures… Or Porn… Still deciding… I mean, it IS a Saturday! 😉

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      Thank you very much !

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      Sorry for the double post but it’s a different question. Don’t want to make another thread as I used Troubleshooting tag.

      What’s up with the video player itself. I feel the UI is a bit out of place.

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