CDC Marketing Plan for Flu Shots

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      CDC Marketing Plan for Flu Shots

      The CDC has a marketing “recipe” for the flu shot. It involves creating a perception in the media to increase consumer demand.

      Peter Doshi is responsible for the publicity of this file. He’s now subject to smear campaigns.

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      Muja Mi Rona

      “requires creating concern, anxiety and worry.” lol!

      Get ready for mandatory vaccination all across the western world. If you refuse you will be made an outcast, not allowed to work legally, send your children to school, get a passport. Ultimately you will be arrested and quarantined until you obey. It has already begun in part.

      Every vaccine conversation I hear on the radio the term ‘herd immunity’ is always used. Some beasts we are!

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      John Nigger

      The same people who brought us HIV mutated Simian Immune Virus via Polio Vaccines circa mid 1960’s thru early 80’s What could possibly go wrong? Influenza vaccines causing Guillain-Barré syndrome, I treat patients with this syndrome and it is almost always linked to the “100%” safe annual Flu-Shot. Otherwise healthy individuals get vaccinated and within weeks they are unable to move or breath on their own. Gardisil causing pre-teen and teenage girls to drop dead and MMR Mumps, Measles, and Rubella causing brain damage, Autism in children under five. The Vaccine injury reporting system run by a panel of Big Pharma companies is not required to make Vaccine injury cases known to Federal Agencies or Medical professionals. Most people in the know or Big Pharma peddlers don’t vaccinate their own children with the above vaccines. Obviously there are vaccines which one should get TDaP and a few others, in general you don’t need vaccines every year. Have a titer test done prior to any vaccine, you may already be immune and not need the shot. Flu-shots are worthless and no study worth it’s weight in salt stating otherwise should be accepted because Big Pharma is always behind studies that are beneficial to it’s investor’s bottom line.

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