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      Today I had the opportunity to watch a moderated product symposium from the CIA, or I should say, the CEA. The panel consisted of:

      1 middle aged white brunette MILF with nice MILF body( she had some nice jugs) who apparently was an analyst in the 80’s but came back a few years ago as some sort of consultant.

      1 20 or 30ish year old millennial “professional” with no tits, long brown hair and some tacky yoga pants. Appalling she is a “business owner”.

      1 20 or 30ish year old blonde with a “fuck you” entitlement type of voice, glasses, shoulder length hair, no tits and platform shoes. Apparently she was a “journalist” at some point.

      1 equally feminine late-middle age white guy with balding cranium who made sure to sit tbrough the entire hour-long symposium with his legs crossed to show feminine solidarity-you should have seen it, when the questions started, for the first 15 minutes, all four of them had their legs crossed. I couldn’t tell if they were all females or not.

      Anyway, I’m watching this crap and all I hear about is-


      Some other key words I won’t mention but they don’t matter because they’re likely a waste of your tax dollars.

      I could only think while watching: “How the fuck does this help? How is this taxpayer expense being justified? On what criteria is this valuable?”

      Because these broads lost me. Maybe I need to have a $200k education to understand. Or maybe I need to be female. Or maybe they’re aliens with infinite future intelligence who were sent to spend taxpayer money on certain things that only they know will work, as long as they keep getting money to try them.

      I started zoning out of the session and just started focusing on the nice tits the MILF had. She was a hot MILF, had the glasses on with the teacher look. She adjusted her shirt a few times because it was stuffy in the room and when she did her titties moved nicely in the shirt, so I got a good visual of what they’d look like sans shirt.

      The other two broads struck me as “I’m too important for you” and as potential whiners. Plus they did have any tits so their attitude was likely compensation for suffering from NTS (No Titty Syndrome).

      Anyway. That’s fucked up that someone could come out of a meeting like that thinking about tits. Whose fault is that? Mine or the CEA?


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