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      Celeste Bonin, fitness model/weight trainer, was a WWE Diva for a couple of years under the ringname Kaitlyn. She won the Divas Championship and was a favorite. She wasn’t the usual model-thin Diva. This girl is pure muscle. She moved on 🙁 to grow her fitness company Celestial Bodies. I wear her logo tee to the gym when I need a boost. I admire her and find her muscles SO sexy.


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      I love chicks with muscles….

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        Me too! I don’t have goals of being that big but I’m pleased with shoulders, arms and back. Like most people, its the abs take a lot of work. But I do squats like a maniac, lol. I love Celeste’s butt!

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      Not my thing. She has fake tits and looks too plastic to me. But that’s just me. As far as women are concerned, an eye candy for me are girl next door types.

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        I admire her dedication to weight-training. I think she looked better a bit smaller but she wanted to go all out and that’s amazing effort. I think if she didn’t get a boob job, she’d look masculine since so much breast tissue is lost. I think she has sexy ass and killer thighs but I see her more as art; she’s sculpted.

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