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      I love all these bracelets! Well not all but most. I wear no jewelry but I would wear these!

      But look at the prices! Why can’t I make one? It couldn’t be that hard to purchase some gems and string them up. What am I missing?

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      So this is what gives me some hope and confidence that I can build a bracelet

      Look at this little online shop I discovered that sells beads and stuff. This was a recent monthly activity of theirs

      um I think I could do that! It looks childish but I think I could tweak it into cool keychain!

      My problem lies in my bracelet will not be built on gems or sparkly things but stones and pewter. But in my research I discovered they actual make stones with holes in them for such a purpose!

      Exhibit A

      I will first hit a craft store and see what is available I can survey and touch prior to purchase. Get with the locals and see where they get their gear. I was thinking you just string what you want on string and tie knot but there are things such as toggles and “pins” to assemble

      I think I got this! Alot of time effort and money and glue will be invested into sustainable cool girl glam but I am eager to give it a shot! Or we could just end this right now with a $3 pledge and maybe a per bead sponsorship 🏃‍♀️

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