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    ‘China sees colonialism as a painful and humiliating ordeal that lasted over 100 years. With a policy of “treating others the same way you want them to treat you”, the Chinese government and people have never considered colonising African countries, but are interested in pursuing win-win cooperation with the continent.

    In contrast, rather than being concerned about China’s neocolonialism, Western nations, as the previous suzerains of African countries, are more afraid of losing Africa, the “backyard” of the West. In their relations with African nations, Western countries continue to attach many political strings and to interfere in the internal affairs of the continent, just as they did a century ago.

    Western countries measure others’ corn by their own bushel and criticise China’s contribution to the continent, but cannot figure out why the diplomatic, economic and social ties between China and Africa have become closer. This may be because China and the West have different perspectives. For the West, Africa is a historical burden while, for China, it is a future opportunity for the world.’ (SCMP)

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    Bolshevik Girls
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    The interracial couple championing China’s soft power in Africa

    College run by Ugandan-Chinese couple is training students and educators to speak Chinese, so that they can spread the word about China in Africa.

    The students at Luyanzi College have little interest in going to Disneyland, riding the London Eye or climbing the Eiffel Tower. Their dream, they say, is to visit the Great Wall.

    Teachers at the college, in Uganda’s congested, dusty capital, Kampala, have told them all about China: a beau­tiful and powerful nation, they have been advised, one of the largest countries in the world, with a mighty economy that will soon leapfrog that of the United States, and a rich history dating back thousands of years. (SCMP)

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