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      “Es ist überall nichts in der Welt, ja überhaupt auch außer derselben zu denken möglich, was ohne Einschränkung für gut könnte gehalten werden, als allein ein guter Wille.”

      “Neither in nor beyond this world can anything be conceived of that could be said to contain goodness in all its plenitude – except a good will.”

      Thus spoke my buddy from Kaliningrad.

      It is Christmas and an excellent opportunity to for all social deviants to exercise their dormant virtues. You don’t have to be a saint in order to act like one and even if the good that you do does not make the slightest difference in the larger scheme of things, you will still have done your bit, and you can say with St Paul, “I have fought the good fight, I have kept the faith.” All noble ideals are merely regulative principles, i.e., they merely serve to remind us of what we are capable of and they promise no eternal rewards. There are those out there who reject these ideals because the society we currently live in is far from being ideal, but this is the stance taken by the weakling, steeped as it is in the most despicable kind of defeatism.

      In accordance with the spirit of Christmas, this thread is devoted to Man, the noblest of all creatures.

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      Bolshevik Girls

      Who says Jews and Muslims can’t get along?

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      Bolshevik Girls

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