Christianity Is Under Attack

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      Christianity Is Under Attack

      Zionist puppets won’t recognize it.

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      Fifty Moslems are murdered in NZ and the world and its leaders tear their clothes and cry bitter tears. 262 Christians are murdered in Sri Lanka and the silence is palpable.Even here apart from maybe this post.

      Wouldn’t want to upset those Gulf States and Israelis now would we?

      To think that there are still Americans and vassals out there that think the USA is led by Christians . .

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        The U.S. is led by fascists…

        And the perfect road to fascism is becoming a victim. (i.e. 911)

        via ORGANIZED RELIGION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Gotta feel sorry for those Christian bombs, Christian drones and the widespread Christian Federal Reserve, that prints money out of thin air.

        Did I say thin air?

        …Sorry Jesus

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      I am no lover of organised religion but a lover of religion as a component of our customs. As long as Moslems keep their religion moderate and are secular in outlook and behaviour ,I am happy. Same with Christians and others.

      Christian Zionists are fanatical and so do not represent me.

      As seen now, the death toll in Sri Lanka is 290 ,6x what happened in Christchurch. Where are the denunciations and the clamour by the Sorocizing Lefties and Christian Zionists in the USA?

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      Three children of Danish Billionaire Anders Holch Povlsenis were killed in the Sri Lankan bombings. Did somebody try to send a message and didn’t care about how big a collateral damage will be? I mean… did you know that Michael Jackson, who was irking the Zionists by openly talking about the crap they do, was scheduled to be in the WTC on 9/11?

      Aside from being the richest man in Denmark, thanks to his clothing line ASOS, Anders Holch Povlsenis is also the biggest landowner in Great Britain, owning 1% of all the land in Scotland. His idea is to restore the scottish highland into the great landscape it once was. He realize that this project is so massive, it would be impossible to achieve in his lifetime. The plan was that his children were to take over the project and follow it through. This project has not been well received by some people in the high places.

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      Because the victims were Christians, Yahoo prioritized them below the death of chickens:

      Yahoo Zio Propaganda

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      This is one reason why we need more Rees Moggs in this world. Alright, on the one hand he can come across as a stuck up tosser, but on the other hand he stands up for good old Christian values, which this place, the UK, needs to get back to, quick.
      Any Brits out there, get behind Farage, fuck the Tories and labour, they are a cabal. Brexit Party is the way forward at present and no mistake.

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      where i am, the news called the victims sri lankan. the word “christian” was never mentioned. it’s almost like we already don’t exist. the attack on christianity didn’t take long to appear on this thread either. @happy the shills can’t help but have a dig.

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      easter is my favorite holiday. growing up in a polish catholic family we did easter big. sad that on a day of rebirh there is murder. i mean, could they not wait until today, or tomorrow? bastards. 🙁

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      Jewish silent war on Christians continues as planned:

      Silent War on Christians by Jew

      Million dollar question – when you pit Christians and Muslims against each other, cui bono?

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        At least the Muslim clerics in Sri Lanka decried the Christian Massacres And refused to officiate at the funerals of the headchoppers.

        Here in Aus I can’t remember one Muslim cleric ever publicly decrying a Massacre of Christians anywhere for at least thirty years. Ever!

        Our gov -both parties -limpdicked and handwringing ,always taking it in the arse ,are too scared to be called racist and of upsetting the zionatoyankee overlords.

        Those clerics here should be pulled out of the mosque by their stinky beards and beaten with sticks . God knows Muzzies have done much much worse to Christian priests in countries for a lot less. Eg public castrations etc

        The mussies have got it very good in Westernised countries and they secretly know it! You reckon Blacks don’t care about Black Lives? Well you should see what mussies think about Mussie lives!

        Fuck them. All non- seculars chucked out back to the countries of origin by force.

        You either adhere to Greco Roman Civilisation and Christian values or you are out. I know Hindus ,Sikhs ,Confucian/Taoists and Buddhists agree with me here. I have friends from many places. I assure you many of them have lived under Moslem rule and are even more extreme than I am.

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