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      The ‘Christmas’ adverts are already popping up, get ready for saturation non-white actors, mixed-race families galore and saccharine, fantasy bullshit.

      One of the most powerful things a person can do is LEARN how propaganda works, LEARN how advertising/marketing is not only the most powerful tool of our age but is now also utterly ubiquitous due to us all having small computers with us 24/7 that churn out an endless stream of this stuff – sometimes disguised, sometimes overt.

      The world is not just not as we’ve been ‘taught’, it’s NOTHING like we’ve been taught.

      Abstract appeals to emotion, attacks on the subconscious, ‘they’ know it all expertly and how to utilise it brilliantly.

      It’s not enough for them to cause people to get into debt buying shit they don’t want to impress people they don’t like, they want to disable your faculties, cause you to ignore reality and instead see the world through the lens of their twee little productions.

      ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year…’ for indoctrinating the masses.

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      These things are not put together by accident, casted and constructed on a whim, they’re put together very, very deliberately by people that know exactly what they’re doing.

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        Empty soul

        In Britain Christmas starts in August and on December the 26th we get to see Easter Eggs on the shelves lol.

        As for the Christmas adverts, its just like all adverts these days. Agenda driven. Still. They’ve got a long road ahead of them if they want to catch up with the BBC.

        On almost every BBC series these days you get at least one cripple character, lots of interracial relationships and mixed race kids(almost always black men with white women). Gays and lesbians galore and at least one transsexual.

        The BBC also likes to create historical programmes wherein they go about making the past look like modern day London and then call us racist when we point out the historical inaccuracies.

        They also like to play loose and fast with legends such as when they gave King Arthur a black wife or when they turned Achilles into a Bantu Sub-Saharan African.

        Propaganda is everywhere though. The pedo lobby and the ladyboys are currently trying to indoctrinate children in our schools as well.

        Its all one way propaganda though. Leftwing “progressive” propaganda. I also agree that it is being done on purpose to fuck with peoples minds and make them more libtarded. If they fry peoples brains with bullshit and make them question whether up is down or left is right they can make them very easy to mess with and mold.

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          I’ve thought a lot about the ‘why’s’ – and I can only think that it’s just part of the wider campaign to diffuse the population of the West with Africans/Indians/Arabs, collapse it into subservience and then sweep up the pieces.

          Obviously they mainly go for the women, as they’re the ones that have the kids.

          Celebrate white women in mixed-race relationships – protect, exalt, excuse, promote non-white men at any and every opportunity.

          Another key one as you say is preparing the next generations, so they’ve got every educational institution – especially universities/colleges – going all out anti-white.

          It’s all going well I’d say.

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          Empty soul

          They target women and children because they tend to be the most easily manipulated due to being driven by emotion more than logic and practicality.

          Every girlfriend I have had could never go out with a shopping list and come back with just the items listed on it. They always came back with added “extras” and then gave me the sales pitch as to why it was a “must buy” and that is because they were attracted and moved into action by the marketing.

          Its the same way with children. Children always want to buy the shit they see on tv. The sugary foods, the toys etc.

          The children have already been brainwashed though. It has been going on for the last 20 years and they have become the mocked “millennials”. The snowflake brigade. Those who get offended by anything and everything and want safe-spaces, open borders and mass uncontrolled immigration.

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