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      I don’t know if any of you use it. But I do. I know I know it should cost me my BG badge. Oh..

      Anyhow listen to what a fuckup I am. My browser defaults to google (sorry) but it bounces back and forth to Chrome (yep) I like chrome for it’s swift ability to bookmark pages I want to save

      So up in the corner of chrome there is tiny lil square next to bookmark star. It gets so high it morphs into smiley face, no more numbers

      I was deleting bookmarks and also noticed when I clicked that square bunch of pages would cascade down.

      It was just previously viewed pages and sometimes same as bookmark but like doubles. I went through and deleted every single one of them and omg my phone is so fucking fast now. I honestly think all those pages loaded into that square was basically the equivalent of running windows and never Xing out a page. Like imagine 100 windows open 🙁

      So stupid! I never noticed for YEARS. All my phones have been same. I wonder if that was eating data. Regardless my phone is so fast now it really shows me how slow it has been and how fast it was when first purchased (all of them!)

      The very last page I got rid of was my welcome to boost page. It saved every damn page . All this time.

      That is all 🙁

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      Hamburger Bob

      Just think of Google as our government.
      They want all your information, want to see everything you do, want to tax the hell out of you, slow you down with bills and keep you enslaved.
      Just imagine how happy and fast your phone would always be once you get rid of that major data sucker there.

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        Aww . I disabled Chrome and was ok and then all the sudden it wasnt on disabled list anymore. I could set browser to Samsung Internet ,whatever that is but google always there

        At least I am smart enough to turn off location and activity tracker but I am sure that is just so I don’t see it. Jacked up my online banking password again so I need to reset that but they want to know last amount you put on debit card and I seem to forget. Yep

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